Fat Newcummer's Toy-Deploy

Missy Deep Sep 20, 2022

Missy is a tantalizing, ruby-red haired, elephantine titted, snowy-white skinned, humongous, horny BBW slut. After a brief intro, where she gives us all the ways to track her online while telling us about herself, she starts to fondle her spectacularly ginormous, titanic tits, bulging belly, and voluminous ass for our voyeuristic pleasure. Then, she lies back, fingering her bald, hungry harlot’s hole, while moaning elatedly. Subsequently, she grabs an industrial strength, gargantuan, Magic Wand vibrator, which she glues to her clit, as she sucks her nipples moaning and crying out in orgiastic exultation, unleashing the first of many, multiple, gut-wrenching orgasms. Being a sexual glutton, she fervently fucks her torrid twat with vibrating dildo to send those good vibrations deep into her tunnel of love, making her groan and squeal in rapture. Next, she diligently drills a giant dildo into her pussy, while using the mighty Magic Wand vibrator on her clit, causing an eruption of screaming, all consuming orgasms to engulf her with a tidal wave of 7th Heaven, orgasmic euphoria. Moving into doggie, she rides her clit with the long pink vibrator moaning and yelping with unbridled primal passions. Finally, brimming with post-orgasmic euphoria, she reminds us of how to follow her online, before blowing us a lovely kiss, good-bye.

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