Big, Busty Blonde Three-Way

Chanel Barbie, Stella Daniels Jul 8, 2022

This is a very special, bittersweet scene, one all of Jay’s fans will want to watch. With remarkable courage and candor, Jay informs all the long-time fans of Jeff’s Models that this may be his last scene. Unfortunately, by the time you read this, he will have undergone surgery for prostate cancer. While the outcome looks favorable, there are no guarantees, so he has chosen to have what may be his last scene be a spectacular one, with two bodacious, blonde, bombshells. Chanel is an effervescent, titanic titted, golden haired, corpulent cutie, and Stella’s an amazing, blonde, big boobed, round n’ raunchy fat girl. After some tender foreplay, the girls take turns, giving him a memorable, double blow-job, with each girl effortlessly deep throating his colossal cock. First, Stella then Channel rhythmically humps him in cowgirl, while each girl sporadically sucks the other’s pussy juice from his monster cock. After more tender kissing and cock sucking, Jay firmly thrusts his demon cock into Stella in doggie, while she eats Chanel, as their rapturous moans echo off the walls. They continue once the girls have switched positions, moaning and wailing in rapture. Jay then potently plows his humongous cock into Chanel in missionary, ushering in her volcanic, screaming orgasms. Next, he does the same to Stella, pounding her into an intoxicated, dick- delirium. For the grand finale, Jay showers their monumental mammaries with a torrential monsoon of creamy cum. Hopefully, we will see Jay back in the saddle again, soon. We wish Jay the best, and hope he has a speedy recovery.

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