Lorelai Loves It Long

Lorelai Givemore Jul 22, 2016

Lovely, large Lorelai has come over to Chad’s place with just one thing in mind: his big dick. She starts rubbing it through his jeans and gets even more excited when the jeans come off and the already hard cock pops out. Lorelai bends over and gets right to it, wrapping her warm lips around Chad’s swollen sausage and having the skinny stud pump-fuck her salivating cake-hole. Chad then pushes the heavyweight honey onto her back and jams his rigid member into her slick cunt, ramming it in and out and sending Lorelai into bliss. She turns on her side and continues taking a ferocious fucking spoon style as her massive belly jiggles in ecstasy. Chad sits back on the sofa and the prurient plumper climbs onto his stiff shaft so she can take it deep in her sloppy quim in cowgirl position, her huge ass being quite a sight to behold. Finally, Lorelai bends over, and Chad once again plumbs the depths of her fat twat with his lengthy meat-pole before jacking off onto her lips for the climax. “That’s a good girl,” Chad tells Lorelai as we say goodbye.

Categories: Hardcore

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