Baby Rose

Baby Rose

Nationality United States
Date of Birth December 21st, 1987
Main Sample
Main Sample Main Sample

Fat Newbie Rubdown

Baby Rose is a large, brown-haired, big-boobed corpulent cutie who’s sore from all her wild antics, so she’s come to Jay, our massage guru, to relax her tight muscles. After a brief Q&A to understand why she’s there, Jay has her naked, oiled up on his table, kneading her fleshy folds with deep tissue stroking. After paying special attention to massaging her ass and asshole, he has her roll over and massages her massive mammaries while licking and sucking her pert nipples before working down to her shaved fleshy pussy. Jay leaves no stone unturned, looking to release every ounce of tension where ever it may be. Looking to get at those hard to reach spots, he brings out a vibrating dildo to work into her hungry hole, making her moan in delight as he looks to release all of the pent up sexual tension locked within her. While his vibe is buried deep within in her, he fingers and tongues her clit, triggering her orgasmic release. Jay then brings out his big, heavy duty vibrator, which sends her over the edge. He works it on her clit until she explodes in a volcanic eruption, leaving her a loose, limp shell. Realizing she still has some back tension, he puts her in doggie so he can deeply work her back and butt muscles before focusing his monster vibe on her sensitive clit while licking her asshole, which releases a torrent of orgasmic bliss. The scene closes as he leaves her lying on his table to relax and bask in the rapture that’s coursing through her.

Release date: Feb 6, 2017 Length: 25 Minutes Pics: 596