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May Orgy With the Fans

Have you ever thought while watching a Jeff’s Models video:

‘Man, I wish it were me banging that fine BBW’

Because we sure have had that same thought a million times!

Now normally with any studio, that thought would remain in the realm of fantasy. But because Jeff’s Models is not like any other studio, and because we are always looking for ways to enhance our fans’ experience with us, we have a HUGE announcement!

This coming May, Jeff’s Models will be having its very own BBW fan orgy, where all the male performers will be none other than YOU the fans!!

There is a BIG surprise at the end of this post, so make sure you read all the way through.

The girls

Who can you expect to be there? Well how about exquisite babe Chloe Klein, dreamlike SSBBW Julie Ginger, and king-sized MILF Natalie Kinky! And just to make it extra special, expect to see a surprise guest at our orgy that will remain a mystery until the release date!
(If you are a BBW model and would like to participate in this orgy, please contact us at

How can you join?

We are all booked up for May’s orgy! But don’t worry, if this turns into a regular event, we’ll be sure to announce here and on Twitter first, so keep following Jeff’s Models and our blog for the latest updates!


Please know that in order to participate in this orgy scene as a male performer, you have to get tested at one of these facilities.

We will reimburse you for the tests once you show up with them.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

Now if you thought the news about the orgy was the biggest surprise of this post, you’re somewhat off on that assumption.

Fans who perform well in this orgy will have the opportunity to get a 1-on-1 spot as a male performer on Jeff’s Models!

So what are your waiting for?! All your BBW fantasies are one RSVP away!

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Hello my Name is JT. I would love to join in. I can make the date. Please RSVP me. I have been a huge fan of your content for years. Thank you for your consideration.

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