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Four cock hungry and sexy BBWs Amazon Darjeeling Angel DeLuca Buxom Bella and Holly Jayde tease each other with a vibrator before they get three real cocks to penetrate their chubby pussies. Those three boners fuck these BBW sluts so hard and deep in many positions until they drain the cum all over these BBWs.

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Sinful Samia December 26, 2016

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Peaches December 23, 2016

Peaches is a pretty, black corpulent cutie who’s sought out Jay, our resident masseur, to work the kinks out of her fleshy folds while also releasing the stress of breaking up with her boyfriend, whom she caught cheating on her. Jay lays her down on his table and then jumps into action, spraying her down with oil as he lets his magic fingers explore her fabulous folds. He’s delighted when he discovers that she has a jewelled butt plug shoved up her bunghole. He pushes his well-oiled hands deep into her flesh to release her inner most tension, which he continues to administer on the flip side as he caresses her fabulous fun bags before demonstrating his oral massage techniques with his talented tongue on her fully engorged clit, which is just what the doctor ordered for this wanton wench. Realizing that he will need to go deep to release all of her of her kinks and wanting to give her the total deep release of all tension that she desperately needs, Jay whips out a vibrating dildo to slip into her quivering quim, to get at those hard-to-reach places and release her inner most tensions with volcanic, gasping, gut-wrenching orgasms that take her breath away. Being the conscientious health care provider that he is, Jay wants to insure that no sliver of unwanted tension remains, so he breaks out his industrial-strength high-powered vibrator, which looks as though it should come with a kick-starter. It does the trick, though, blowing her mind with yet another potent orgasm from her penile depository, bringing her to one final over-the-top, mother-of-all orgasms, leaving her limp as a wet noodle and without an ounce of tension remaining, only the contented happy smile of a fully satiated slut.

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Kailie Raynes December 21, 2016

Kalie’s a dark haired, tattooed, big-boobed, lovely large-bodied lass who quickly succumbs to Jay’s talented tongue and caress, as he undress her and lays her down to lap up the sweet nectar of her closely cropped honey pot. Soon she’s returning the favor, sucking his skin flute with virtuosic panache. She seems to savor the experience of his cock in her mouth as if she were some sort of cock-sucking epicurean gourmet. Looking to put his wood to good use, he plows her garden of earthly delights with his potent pud, driving her to multiple screaming, gut-wrenching orgasms as her rolls of flesh undulate to and fro with his every impassioned thrust. Taking some control over both their pleasures, she mounts him in cowgirl as he spanks her big, beautiful round ass, unleashing a sweet orgasmic release that continues streaming out of her in reverse cowgirl as she frenetically fingers her clit while her rolls of flesh bounce in unison to every probing push. Wanting to take a more active role, Jay puts her in spoon, then missionary, plowing the fertile field of her garden of carnal delights with his talented tool, until he eventually sprays his seed all over her abdomen and chest.

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Lilly Lust December 19, 2016

Lilly’s a red-haired, tattooed, pretty plumper, doing her first scene with us. Seeming to be instantaneously aroused by Jay, our chubby chasing Svengali who appears to have a mesmerizing affect upon her, putting her into a deep trance of erotic, sluttish desire with just his commanding stare, gentle caress, and hypnotic voice. He quickly has her on her knees feeding her ravenous appetite for cock, as she gives his prodigious pecker a wonderful, wet, sloppy blowjob. She then mounts the cock for a raucous ride in cowgirl, as Jay spanks her big, beefy round ass to spur her onward to orgiastic ecstasy, which is just what this hungry harlot needs as she begs him to fuck her hard. Jay spins her around to fire his meat missile up into her ravenous slut hole in reverse cowgirl with ferocious force, catapulting her into a reverie of orgasmic wonder as she appears to be lost in the trance of her passions unleashed. Jay then lays her down on her back to lap up the sweet nectar of her honeyed hole before fucking her with his meat saber in spoon. A true cocksman, he first teases her with his rigid rod until she’s teetering on the brink, then drills her with jackhammer like speed and intensity before putting her in doggie to really drive this chubby beauty home. Using his entire body weight to propel his wonder wang deep into her fleshy pussy, using all the force that he can muster, he gives this ravenous slut exactly what she wants and needs. Having realized the formula for her fulfillment, he puts her in missionary, pounding her as hard and fast as he can. Apparently this wanton wench gets off being dominated and used as a sex slave, so the more that Jay controls and uses her for his own pleasure, the more pleasure she derives from it. Unable to hold back any longer, Jay sprays his creamy white slut sauce all over her face.

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Jessica Lust December 16, 2016

Jessica is a very happy, bubbly, large bodied lass with black hair and humongous 40G hooters who’s new to the business, so, this being her first scene with us, we start with a brief get to know her Q&A. She slowly, seductively strips out of her bra and panties as we continue questioning her. Now that her fabulous fun bags have been set free, we can see that her hard erect nipples are pierced, providing a hint of her true inner nature. The glasses that she wears give her an innocent librarian visage, which in incongruous with her pierced nipples. With the male talent late once again, we have her begin by self-pleasuring herself, letting her fingers toy with her sensitive clit as she graciously fiddles her love button in various positions and brings herself to multiple explosive orgasms. Being the gluttonous slut that she is, Jessica is very happy to hear that we have numerous electrically and battery-powered goodies to aide her in her carnal self-conquest. She uses one of our vibrating dildos to deeply probe her hungry hole as she attempts to satiate her voracious sexual appetite, bringing herself to one gut-wrenching orgasm after another. With her foot planted on the accelerator, unable to hit the brakes and caught up in the rapture of her orgasmic revelry, she trades in the battery powered dildo for our heavy duty, industrial strength pussy tamer. Savoring the raw power of this bad boy, she teases herself, trying to prolong the journey to her explosive release as long as she can, but its raw power is too much for her to resist, and she’s soon erupting with one pleasure-filled, volcanic screaming orgasm after another, leaving her with a big slutty smile that stretches from ear to ear. This is one heavy honey to keep your eye on.

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Mia Riley December 14, 2016

Mia is a black haired, tattooed BBW slut who looks as though she might be of Italian descent, and boy is she one spicy meatball. She’s also a very happy, smiling slut, as once Jay starts to kiss, fondle, and undress her, she lights up with a smile from ear to ear. Once her fabulous folds of flesh are unfurled in all their glory, she devours Jay’s savory sausage with gusto, burying it down her throat to tickle her tonsils while she fingers her clit. You can tell by the glazed gleam in her eyes and her single-minded focus on his bodacious pud that she truly gets off on sucking cock. Putting his meat steak to good use, she mounts him in cowgirl, setting off a series of tsunami like waves of ass flesh rolling to and fro as she rides his meaty member with greedy sluttish tenacity. After she begs him to fuck her ass, Jay has her spin around to reverse cowgirl so he can finger her bunghole in preparation while she continues bouncing on his impressive manhood, her belly jiggling like a jelly roll. For phase two, Jay lays her on her back in order to lick her pink taco before doing a little plowing in missionary and continuing to make her beg him to fuck her ass, which is a tune that this happy harlot loves to sing. Unable to resist any longer, he beats down her backdoor with his beefy battering ram in anal spoon, which is just what this decadent darling needed. As her back alley is plowed, this sweet, happy cumaholic is transformed into a sex crazed beast, cumming like a freight train, with her eyes rolling back in her head, as Jay stretches her sphincter. Wanting to drill deeper and harder, he puts her into anal doggie, where he can give her the potent anal pummeling that she so desperately craves. Like a bitch in heat, she thrusts her ass back onto his steely shaft, driven to trance like delirium by her own desires. While on all fours, both her boobs and abdomen lay flat upon the couch, creating water bed-like ripples of sordid flesh with every fervent thrust. Her ravenous appetite seems to be contagious as Jay can’t seem to get enough of this insatiable Queen sized slut. After a voracious 69, they move onto missionary, with Jay sliding his stalwart schlong up her juice box to hammer out every last ounce of orgasmic potential from this chubby wanton wench. Ultimately, he can’t take it any longer, and unleashes a geyser of goo all over her face and boobs, which this salacious slut greedily cleans off of his cock, savoring every last drop in the process.

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Sara Star December 12, 2016

Sara is a big, beautiful, tattooed corpulent cutie with hot pink hair. She’s been partying and working too hard, so she goes to Jay, our resident BBW slut masseur, who gets right to work laying her on his table, oiling her up, and letting his magic fingers do a deep dive into her knotted mounds of flesh as she moans with sensual approval. Jay’s deep kneading spreads her ass cheeks wide, giving us a great view of her fleshy pussy and tight bunghole, to which Jay applies his patented tongue -to-asshole relaxation technique. Flipping her over, he buries his face in her massive mounds of abdominal flesh, along with her monumental boobs, with their pierced nipples, kissing and caressing every fatty morsel before moving down to tongue massage her gluttonous cock socket. After giving her a through tongue lashing, he whips out his big, red vibrating dildo to get at those hard-to-reach places. Working it deep within her hungry hole while he tongues and fingers her pierced clit, which causes her to release a titanic volume of stress along with a very loud, intense orgasm, which is only the first of many as this heavyweight horny harlot definitely likes to cum long, hard, and frequently. Jay then replaces his vibrating dildo with his heavy-duty, industrial-strength vibrator, starting lightly on her nipples, then working down to her clit. This round ‘n’ raunchy fat girl goes thermonuclear ballistic, releasing some earth shaking orgasms that were surely recorded on local seismographs. To release her last bit of low-back tension, Jay puts her in doggie and deeply kneads and stretches her back and ass muscles before using his monster vibrator from behind to make that pierced clit sing in ecstasy one more time, making her cum so hard that she releases every last once of tension, leaving her limp as a wet noodle.

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Rachel Raxxx December 9, 2016

OMG! This you gotta see! Rachel is a pretty, caramel skinned black plumper with the most ginormous tits that I have ever seen, which she claims are 30 Double Js. I don’t know how she can even stand up straight with those mountainous mammaries, but she does look udderly scrumptious. The black stud that we have supplied her with is equally flabbergasted, but that doesn’t prevent his big, black meaty manhood from becoming fully engorged, and, not wanting to waste good wood, Rachel proves she’s not just a pretty face as she proceeds to give him a gifted blowjob, sucking the schlong like a woman who truly enjoys sucking cock to fulfill her own oral fixation as much as to please a guy. She takes every gagging inch of it down her throat, and, as the dude fucks her throat, her monumental bosoms become drenched with the spittle dripping down from her delightfully sloppy wet blowjob. Needing to feed her other hungry hole, she hops on for a rousing ride in cowgirl, with her big, beautiful black ass bouncing on his inky black power piston with impassioned ferocity as he fires his meat missile up into her quivering quim, as if he were trying to launch her into orbit. Wanting to get on top of the situation, he lays her down into missionary to continue his deep drilling of her cum bucket, making her scream in orgasmic release as her titanic tits undulate like a water bed with every powerful thrust, which could be dangerous, as her tits are literally bigger than her head. Hell, they’re bigger than her ass; if they swing hard enough to hit her in the face, she could get a concussion. Being a gentleman, our sable Don Juan responds to her begging him to give her more of his cock harder and faster by putting her in spoon so he can lay some serious pipe up her slut tunnel before pulling out to titty fuck her elephantine breasts. Then he bends her over into doggie to power fuck her like the bitch in heat that she is, as the harder that he slams his steely shaft into her, the more that she loves it, begging for him to continue giving it to her harder and faster, which he gladly does. To improve his traction and angle, he pushes her down flat onto her stomach while he drills her from behind, dropping his full body weight into every thrust so as to plunge his potent prick into her as hard as he possibly can, which is just what this bitch gets off on, making her cum like a freight train in response to his ferocious fucking. Having reached his limit, her ebony stud pulls out to spray paint her gargantuan bazooms with his gooey goop as she smiles at her accomplishment, a true cock-addicted slut.

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Paige Jenson December 7, 2016

Paige, a rotund, black-haired corpulent cutie, who claims to love the idea of men jacking off to her videos, is doing her first scene on camera with us, so gentleman start your engines. Eager to get started, Jay, our resident stud, drops his jeans to flop out his bodacious meat stick and satisfy her oral cravings. Sucking his savory sausage with the contented countenance of a woman who is truly getting off on having a cock in her mouth, she really is a cock-addicted slut. With his rigid rod properly lubed, Jay slips it into her fleshy pussy in missionary, resolutely drilling her cum bucket with ferocious intensity and causing extreme, gut-wrenching screaming orgasms to erupt from her hungry hole while she frantically fingers her clit. She cums with such force that every fleshy fold quivers with the aftershocks, as do her massive mammaries, with their pierced nipples. Wanting to give this newcumer the once over, Jay puts her in doggie so he can pile drive her with his indefatigable schlong while enjoying the view of her big beautiful fat ass, which this round ‘n’ raunchy fat girl cannot get enough of, begging for more, no matter how hard she cums, a true sexual glutton. Wanting to see if she can give as good as she takes, Jay has her climb onto his potent pork sword to gallop to happy town in cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl. Watching her quiver breathlessly as the aftershocks of her earth rattling orgasms ripple through her, it is obvious that she is a cock-addicted slut-whore, and a hard dong is her drug of choice--dick du jour. This greedy, gluttonous bitch truly gets off on being pounded into sexual oblivion. Ready to get back in the saddle, Jay lays her down in missionary and works up a huge load to blow all over her face as she begs him for it, a request that he is only too happy to oblige. A geyser of goo erupts from his wonder wang, covering her face and tits and leaving her a satiated mess, covered in gooey goodness, much to her decadent heart’s content.

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Becki Butterfly December 5, 2016

Becki, a raven-haired corpulent cutie, is hurting all over, so she wisely seeks out the healing touch of Jay, our resident masseur’s magic fingers, in order to transmute her pain into pleasure. Laying this horny BBW face down onto his massage table, he slathers her in oil and begins kneading her flesh mounds like a baker kneading dough, with deep long strokes to release those deep kinks and knots while paying extra attention to her big fat ass. Only a true slut like Becki goes to get a massage wearing fishnet stockings, garters, and high heels, a fact not lost on Jay, who takes it as an invitation to add tongue and finger massage of her horny hooch into his therapy protocol: just the treatment that she really needs. Being a dedicated professional, Jay flips her over so he can bury his face between her mountainous mammaries to release her titty tension before letting his talented tongue do the tango with her tasty twat, which is just what the doctor ordered for this wanton wench. Being a Queen-sized, round ‘n’ raunchy fat girl, Jay realizes that he will need to go deep to release all of her kinks, so he brings out a vibrating dildo to slip into her quivering quim, to get at those hard to reach places as he licks and fingers her love button until she explodes with multiple, fierce, overpowering orgasms that take this happy harlot’s breath away. Being the conscientious health care provider that he is, Jay wants to insure that no sliver of unwanted tension remains, so he breaks out his industrial strength high powered vibrator, which should come with a kick starter because the hum sounds like that of an industrial table saw cutting into hardwood. But it does the trick, blowing her mind as well as yet another potent orgasm from her cock socket. Looking to stretch and relax her back and ass muscles, he positions her in doggie while continuing to work that monster vibrator on her gluttonous clitoris and licking her asshole, which brings her to one final over-the-top mother of all orgasms, leaving her limp as a wet noodle, not a bit of tension remaining--only the contented happy smile of a satiated slut.

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Blond Dream December 2, 2016

Blond Dream is a plus-sized corpulent cutie with the animalistic sexual cravings that her leopard-skin tattoo suggest. Wasting little time on pleasantries, she’s soon sucking Chad’s baloney pony with the ardent fervor of a truly devoted, cock-addicted slut. Being the gentleman that he is, Chad, before sliding his meat sausage up her cock receptacle in missionary, buries his face between her fleshy folds to lick up her sweet nectar, much to her delight. After taking a break to fuck her mouth, Chad has her mount his meat missile in cowgirl, with her big beautiful ass grinding on it as she rides him to orgasmic ecstasy, and then he spins her around for some reverse cowgirl while vigorously fingering her hooch. Wanting to really make her squeal, Chad bends her over for a deep drilling in doggie, making this slut cry out for more as she cums incessantly on his tenacious tallywhacker. His indefatigable, punishing pounding continues in spoon until he finally blows his load all over her face, leaving her looking like a happy, contented glazed donut.

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Jessica Lust November 30, 2016

Jessica is a dark-haired, massive-titted, horny BBW sporting a sexy librarian look, with glasses that conceal her Super-Slut persona, which becomes evident when her monumental melons are unfurled, revealing her pierced nipples and proving that she is every bit the slut that she appears to be. Once her guy’s dandy dingus is free from the confines of his pants, she dives onto it like a great white shark on a fur seal, sliding every inch of the steely dong deep down her throat in one gulp. She not only sucks his crank with the skill of a consummate cock sucker, but also with the obvious sluttish glee of a wanton, dick-addicted slut, one who truly gets off on sucking cock. Her horny companion cannot resist the temptation to titty fuck her monumental fun bags in between bouts of fucking her deep throat, burying his cock balls deep down her gullet with every thrust. Needing to fill her other hungry hole, she rides his baloney pony in reverse cowgirl, becoming unglued as she's carried from one orgasm to another, riding down a river of unbridled lust. She continues in cowgirl with her big, beautiful, fat ass filling the frame as the dude pumps his potent pecker up her fleshy pussy, making her scream with delight. As she bounces on it for all she is worth, her fleshy folds undulate hypnotically, like the mesmerizing flowing globs of a lava lamp. No matter how many hard, gut-wrenching, screaming orgasms that she has, this greedy, insatiable slut wants more, which her sperm donor gladly gives to her in spoon and finally doggie, as she spurs him on to continue pounding her cunt with indefatigable fervor until he finally splatters his load all over her face, leaving her looking like a very happy and contented glazed donut.

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Mia Riley November 28, 2016

Mia’s a big tattooed, black-haired corpulent cutie who has come to Jay for a his signature deep tissue massage, to release all of her deep kinks from having been doing two or three sex scenes a day. Jay has the steady hands of sexual surgeon, sensuously administering the deep-stroking, kneading, and massaging that her fleshy mounds require to release her inner sexual tensions. After administering his talented tongue massage of her puckered asshole, he sticks her in doggie to get a better stretch of her gluteus maximus, before laying her on her back to massage her massive mammaries and all points south. Being the dedicated masseur that he is, Jay uses a bright red vibrating dildo to get at those hard-to-reach places while he fingers her swollen clit. Then he breaks out his heavy duty vibrator to work her clit, while he works the vibrating dildo up her fleshy pussy until she explodes in ecstatic delight, with a king sized orgasm. Wanting to insure she has no remaining sexual tension left, he puts her in doggie to stretch her back muscles while licking her asshole and working the vibrator up her cunt, only to replace it with his talented fingers and tongue, which play her pussy and ass with the skill and aplomb of a violin virtuoso, filling the room with the sweet music of yet another screaming orgasm. All this leaves Mia limp as a wet noodle, having released all of her excess tension. A job well done, Jay!

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Kailie Raynes November 25, 2016

Kailie is a dark-haired, large lovely lass who is looking to lose her anal virginity, which her guy is only too happy to help with. Kneading her fleshy mounds like a baker kneading dough gets his penis loaf to rise, which she then gluttonously slurps down her throat, savoring every morsel of his meat stick. With it now properly lubed, he slides his man meat into her cock oven in missionary, turning up the heat in her furry furnace. Needing to still fulfill her oral fixation, she sucks her cunt juice off of his dick before hopping onto his dingus for an ardent ride in cowgirl, with her big, beautiful, white ass energetically bouncing on it with reckless abandon. Ready to give her what she came for, he lays her down in spoon, slamming his stalwart battering ram into her backdoor, unleashing his anal assault, which is exactly what she has been craving, as her satisfied moans attest. He continues his anal mining, drilling her deeper and harder in doggie, making her squeal with delight as the pierced nipples of her large pendulous breasts sway back and forth with every thrust. She begs him to cum all over her, which he is only too happy to do, jerking off a mighty load all over her large fleshy mounds.

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Buxom Bella November 23, 2016

Bella is a youthful, chubby beauty with red hair and a distinctive blond streak. Poor Jay has been ordered to watch over her and make her do everything on her parents’ to-do list, which this petulant honey has no intention of doing. Running Jay through the ringer, she threatens to tell her parents that he molested her unless he does all the chores on the list himself. Noticing that her naughty nature has worn down his resistance while inflating his rigid rod, she whips it out and proceeds to suck his joystick with the skill of a consummate cock sucker, melting away any resistance to her feminine charms that he had left. Bella’s dominant nature quickly turns Jay into her willing slave to not only do all of the chores that she was supposed to have done, but to cater to all of her libidinous desires. After making him lick her fleshy pussy and asshole, during which he’s shocked to discover that this queen-sized slut has had a jeweled butt plug shove up her bunghole the entire time, he orders him to fuck her hungry vagina in missionary with such intensity that each thrust makes her fleshy folds jiggle in unison. Jay continues pounding her pussy in spoon, making her scream in elated approval. Taking control, she climbs onto Jay’s meat missile for a rambunctious ride in cowgirl, with her big, fat ass bouncing on his prick with unbridled lust. Wanting Jay to fixate on her big beautiful ass, she spins around for a reverse cowgirl while we are mesmerized by her large, pendulous breasts swaying to and fro with every thrust. Wanting to make him cum, she gets into doggie, ordering him to keep slamming his cock into her cunt until he orgasms. Like a man with a mission, Jay pulverizes her flesh pocket with his meaty power tool as she screams with fulfillment. Unable to hold back any longer, he sprays his joy juice all over her big, fat ass.

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