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Gia Star January 11, 2017

Gia is a happy, brown-haired chunky chick with tiny tits and fabulous folds of fatty flesh who has an infectious smile whenever she knows she is about to get some hard cock to feed her gluttonous sluttish appetite. Fortunately for her, Eric, one of our resident chubby chasers, is only too happy to oblige. Dispensing with the pleasantries, he hurriedly rips off his clothes so he can feed her his already rigid rod, which she sensuously savors by sucking it as if it were the most delicious thing that she’s ever tasted in her life. Looking to put his wood to good use, he buries his bone in her sluttish shaved furrow in missionary so he can watch the fantastic fleshy mounds of her abdomen jiggle like a jellyroll in response to his powerful thrusts while she approvingly moans and groans in ecstasy. After sucking her slut juice off of his potent prick, she climbs onto his talented tool in cowgirl, taking him on a raucous ride while we watch her big, beautiful, fat ass bouncing hypnotically on his baloney pony, racing towards her own perverse seventh heaven. Spinning around to continue her race to rapture, she slams her fleshy pussy down onto his meat missile in reverse cowgirl with impassioned zeal. Ready to take a more active role, Eric puts her in doggie, slamming his potent prick into her cum bucket from behind with ferocious, feral-like, fiery fervor, triggering some intense, screaming, gut-wrenching orgasms as the fleshy folds of her abdomen undulate in waves of carnal desire. After working up a load in spoon, Eric spray paints her face and tits with his slut sauce, leaving her looking like a glazed donut, but, being a true slut, she continues sucking his cock to insure that she has consumed every last drop of cum that he has to offer.

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Kailie Raynes January 9, 2017

Kailie’s a dark-haired, tattooed, sizable sexy slut, who has come to Jay, our resident massage guru, to relieve the deep kinks left behind in her knotted muscles after being the focus of a ten man gangbang. Jay wastes little time laying her out naked on his table and oiling up her fabulous fatty flesh so as to let his magic hands deeply push, pull, prod, and knead her torpid flesh, making her groan in sensual, sluttish satisfaction. After giving her back, thighs, and big, beautiful fat ass the once over, he rolls her over to knead her massive mammaries and the fleshy folds of her abdomen like a baker kneads dough, sensuously pushing all sensations down towards her closely cropped snatch. Being a full service masseur, while working her thigh muscles, he fingers her sensitive love button to help in lubing her up so he can ease his vibrating dildo deep into her cave of carnal pleasures to get at those hard to reach spots. A dedicated professional, he fingers and licks her sensitive clit while releasing her inner most tensions with his vibrating dildo. With her properly prepped, he brings out his industrial-strength monster vibrator, placing it on her slut button to help release her pent up penchant for perversity. Even though it’s on low power, it doesn’t take long before her entire body shudders as an intense, gut-wrenching orgasm ripples through the fleshy folds of this pretty plumper. Not done with her yet, he puts her in doggie to better stretch and work the tautness out of her back and ass muscles while using his monster vibe on her hungry magic button. Cranking it up to high power, he uses it to quickly induce a volcanic orgasm that seems to make every cell of her body explode in splendor. With all her tension now released, feeling like a limp, wet noodle, Jay has her relax and just lie there, basking in her ecstatic reverie until she is back in her body.

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Gabbie Sin January 6, 2017

Gabby is a very happy, good-natured, thick, sexy black girl with a mischievous, licentious smile and a nasty twinkle in her eyes, who also sports a pair of massive, mountainous mammaries with pierced nipples. Chad, one of our resident cock jockeys, can’t get his dick out of his pants and into her mouth fast enough. From the looks of things, and Chad’s reaction, she is a cock sucking maestro. Giving a virtuoso performance playing his skin flute, she does make him sing. She seems to truly enjoy sucking his dick, realizing the intoxicating effect that it is having upon him. Chad oils up her titanic tits so he can give her a hearty titty fuck while she plays with her clit to fan the flames of her desires. Our boy can’t seem to get enough of this wanton weighty wench as he slides his stalwart steely shaft into her shaved snatch to plumb the depths of her garden of carnal desires while she fingers her sweet love button, causing her passions to boil over. Looking to use his dong for her own desires, she mounts him in cowgirl, working her wolfish, hungry, horny hole onto his prodigious pecker with resolute, staunch determination, obsessively focused on milking every ounce of pleasure she can from his rigid rod. Watching her fabulous, big beautiful ass grinding onto his wonder wang is a sight to behold, but it pales in comparison to when she spins around to continue her sojourn to her hedonistic haven in reverse cowgirl as her titanic tits bounce in unison, with her fleshy folds undulating in waves of salacious passions in the wake of his ferocious thrusting. Wanting to get back into the driver’s seat, he lays her down in spoon, drilling his stony shaft deep into her honeyed hole with machine gun-like rapidity and power, catapulting her into a sluttish seizure. Lost in the pleasure that is flooding over her, she’s possessed by her own passions, which pull her strings as if she were a rag doll, convulsing in ecstatic elated jubilation. When Chad pounds her cunt from behind in doggie and vehemently spanking her big beautiful ass, she comes unglued, begging for him to give it her harder, faster, and deeper, as she gets off on it like a bitch in heat, exploding on his indefatigable dong with a luscious orgasm that’s soon followed by Chad’s own volcanic release, with his creamy white gooey goodness erupting all over her monumental knockers, which she seems to get a contact high from. Languishing in the sweet aftershocks of her libidinous release, she sensuously rubs his skin moisturiser all over her terrific tits.

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Calista Roxxx January 4, 2017

Calista’s a black-haired, tattooed, horny BBW slut who wastes little time with chit chat or foreplay. Wanting to get right down to it, she whips out Chad’s prodigious pecker to suck it like her life depended on it. This corpulent wench sucks cock with the wanton, glutinous appetite of a cock-addicted slut/whore. As if it were the only nourishment that she had consumed in month, she ravenously devours it, taking it all the way down her velvety throat until it’s buried balls deep down her gullet. Ready for action, Chad climbs up onto the couch to give her a good face and throat fucking before burying his talented tool into her fleshy pussy. He plows her sluttish furrow with a fervency and zeal that set her passions ablaze, seemingly transporting her to an elated, drug-like reverie, as if a stiff dick, were her drug of choice, desperately needed to satiate her sluttish addiction. As her body writhes in enraptured euphoria, with her eyes rolling back in her head, her moans echo the deep guttural satisfaction spewing from her loins, released by the robust deep drilling of Chad’s potent pecker. After having her clean her pussy juice off his man meat with her talented tongue and mouth, he slams his steely shaft deep into her in spoon before having her mount him in cowgirl so we can see her beautiful fat ass bouncing on his fuck-pole with impassioned zeal. The ferocious intensity of Chad’s pounding of her whore’s hole has literally taken her breath away, as she gasp for air in between changing positions. Before moving on to doggie, Chad sits on her face so she can lick his asshole while he titty fucks her fleshy fun bags. This is one nasty, sex-crazed bitch in heat who’s up for anything. Calista obviously loves it rough, relishing Chad’s pussy pulverizer pounding her cock wallet while he fiercely spanks her mammoth ass, which she totally gets off on. Reacting as if he had thrown gasoline on the fires of her insatiable libido, she is set ablaze. Chad takes a break to let her impale herself on his meat saber in reverse cowgirl while she frantically fingers her clit, bringing herself to a scrumptious orgasm while her corpulent mounds of flesh undulate with every formidable thrust. Unable to get enough of this heavy honey, Chad goes back to drilling her in doggie to work up his load before pulling out, to spray paint his jism all over her face.

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Lilly Lust January 2, 2017

Lilly is a red-haired, tattooed, chubby beauty, with a mischievous and licentious smile, who’s doing her very first scene with us. Since it is her first scene, we start off with a brief get to know you talk before she begins her solo masturbation. This round ‘n’ raunchy wanton wench is obviously a horny slut, as, the moment she begins fingering her pussy, you can literally hear how wet she is as her fingers slosh in and out of her harlot’s hole. To help her out, we give her a big vibrating dildo, but, before letting her use it on her fleshy pussy, we have her demonstrate her cock sucking expertise with it, so as to give us a glimpse of what to expect from her future scenes. After getting it nice and wet, she turns it on and works it into her juice box while our cameraman caresses every inch of her corpulent flesh so that you can appreciate her rotund splendor from every angle. We then offer her our industrial strength heavy duty vibrator, which is so powerful you could buff floors with it; I’m surprised it doesn’t need to be kick-started like motorcycle. You can see her pupils dilate as a gluttonous sluttish smile spreads across her face the moment that she turns it on, relishing the pleasurable power that is now at her finger tips. She bends over into doggie while gluing that monster vibe to her clit so that we can enjoy the vision of her big fat ass, along with the passion filled grimace on her face, as her arousal grows exponentially with each pulsating powerful vibration. As she gets closer to climaxing, we have her turn around so we can better witness her explosive orgasm as it erupts from her sluttish loins. Despite the volcanic nature of her orgasm, this greedy bitch continues pressing our monster vibrator onto her sensitive love button, unleashing a stream of multiple screaming, gut-wrenching orgasms. This is one horny, heavy honey that you will want to keep your eye out for in future scenes.

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Danny Lynne December 30, 2016

Huge titted, full-figured, ebony newbie Danni has her eye on skinny Chad’s bulging trousers, and she wastes no time in pulling his stiff cock out of them. Chad has no objections himself because he’s infatuated with Danni’s jumbo-sized knockers and can’t wait to get those two monsters liberated, as well. Danni bends over to suck on Chad’s rigid member for a while and then lays on her back so the thin horndog can start slamming his meat into her moist cunt with rapid strokes. Chad gives her unshaved twat a good fucking and moves up to play with and hump her tits for good measure. Next, the sizeable strumpet sits down on Chad’s thick stick and rides him in cowgirl position, showing off her massive butt before getting on her knees and taking the studly beanpole’s engorged schlong back up her dripping snatch doggie style. This is followed by some spirited reverse cowgirl fucking, as Danni’s melons flop up and down as she rides the undernourished dude’s hard wang with gusto. For the home stretch, the randy couple returns to doggie, and Chad finally pulls out to jack off while the heavy harlot licks and sucks on his overheated balls. His spills his seed on her giant jugs, and the scene ends with Danni shaking her spermy, titanic titties back and forth.

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Bunny De La Cruz December 28, 2016

Bunny is a bountiful BBW with short dark hair with blonde streaks , and she immediately looks to satiate her oral cravings by sucking Eric’s impressive dong with a wonderful, dripping wet, sloppy blowjob. With her tits now covered in drool, Eric looks to capitalize on the free lube by titty fucking her mountainous mammaries. With his rigid rod rock-hard after a little labia lapping, Eric looks to mind her pot of gold under the rainbow tattoo above her cunt with his talented tool in missionary, taking turns fucking her tits, mouth, and her hungry hole, much to this gluttonous, sex-crazed slut’s satisfaction. Wound up and ready to cut loose, she mounts his baloney pony for a spirited ride in cowgirl, with her big beautiful ass grinding down upon it with fervent intensity. Then, in a surprising herculean effort, Eric stands up with her still perched on his giant salami, giving us an awesome view as the camera shoots up from the floor, while she wraps her legs around him for a vertical cowgirlish hump that looks amazing. Sitting down, he has her mount his daring dork in reverse cowgirl while she feverishly fingers her tasty twat, bringing herself to some loud, screaming, gut-wrenching orgasms as her fleshy folds undulate with euphoric splendor. Having set this slut’s passions ablaze, he puts her in doggie to fuck her like the bitch in heat that she is, making her scream in orgiastic fulfillment as her udderly fantastic tits undulate to the ever more vehement thrusts of his potent pecker. Moving into the home stretch, Eric drills this filthy-mouthed slut in spoon while she frenetically fingers her love button, unleashing a titanic torrent of explosive orgasms along with sexual expletives, until Eric finally pulls out to spray his slut sauce all over ginormous fun bags.

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Sinful Samia December 26, 2016

Samia is a gorgeous, zaftig, blond, tattooed chubby beauty with a pair of massive mammies. Jay wastes no time getting this round ‘n’ raunchy fat girl out of her clothes, as he kisses and caresses every inch of her bountiful flesh. With her standing in front of him, spreading her ass cheeks, he kneels behind her to tongue her sweet asshole, but it’s hard to tell who’s enjoying it more. She returns the favor by devouring his stalwart schlong to demonstrate her impeccable oral expertise, deep throating every inch of his impressive dong until it’s balls deep down her throat while she licks his balls. She seems to get off on it, as if she had a clit in her throat, getting more and more aroused the more she crams it all the way down her velvety throat. With his rigid rod ready to go, she mounts him for a zealous ride in cowgirl, as her big beautiful ass bounces and giggles all over. This is one insatiable slut who can’t seem to get enough, as his steely shaft drills deep into her cave of carnal desires. After sucking her slut juice off of his jumbo Johnson, he titty fucks her ginormous fun bags before moving on to plow her sluttish furrow in missionary. This jumbo sized slut comes unglued from the first potent pounding of his joystick, which quickly brings her to the first of many volcanic orgasms that continue to ripple through her when he drills her in spoon, as she frantically fingers her clit, bringing her to one explosive orgasm after another while her humongous tits bounce and sway with every powerful thrust. Wanting to look at her ass, he has her mount him in reverse cowgirl as he fires his meat missile up into her sweet cock pocket while the insatiable harlot continues cumming on his hard dick. These two are obviously into one another and Jay’s as hungry for her as she is for him. Working up to the home stretch, he puts her in doggie, spanking her big round ass, then slams his potent pecker into her from behind while working his thumb up her ass, making her squeal like a bitch in heat. Ready for his finale, he puts her in missionary so he can look at her pretty face as she begs him to fuck her harder and faster, and she explodes in euphoric delirium while she squeezes her titanic tits together. Unable bear it any longer, Jay unleashes a geyser of sweet sauce all over her tits and face, leaving her with a very messy but contented sluttish smile.

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Peaches December 23, 2016

Peaches is a pretty, black corpulent cutie who’s sought out Jay, our resident masseur, to work the kinks out of her fleshy folds while also releasing the stress of breaking up with her boyfriend, whom she caught cheating on her. Jay lays her down on his table and then jumps into action, spraying her down with oil as he lets his magic fingers explore her fabulous folds. He’s delighted when he discovers that she has a jewelled butt plug shoved up her bunghole. He pushes his well-oiled hands deep into her flesh to release her inner most tension, which he continues to administer on the flip side as he caresses her fabulous fun bags before demonstrating his oral massage techniques with his talented tongue on her fully engorged clit, which is just what the doctor ordered for this wanton wench. Realizing that he will need to go deep to release all of her of her kinks and wanting to give her the total deep release of all tension that she desperately needs, Jay whips out a vibrating dildo to slip into her quivering quim, to get at those hard-to-reach places and release her inner most tensions with volcanic, gasping, gut-wrenching orgasms that take her breath away. Being the conscientious health care provider that he is, Jay wants to insure that no sliver of unwanted tension remains, so he breaks out his industrial-strength high-powered vibrator, which looks as though it should come with a kick-starter. It does the trick, though, blowing her mind with yet another potent orgasm from her penile depository, bringing her to one final over-the-top, mother-of-all orgasms, leaving her limp as a wet noodle and without an ounce of tension remaining, only the contented happy smile of a fully satiated slut.

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Kailie Raynes December 21, 2016

Kalie’s a dark haired, tattooed, big-boobed, lovely large-bodied lass who quickly succumbs to Jay’s talented tongue and caress, as he undress her and lays her down to lap up the sweet nectar of her closely cropped honey pot. Soon she’s returning the favor, sucking his skin flute with virtuosic panache. She seems to savor the experience of his cock in her mouth as if she were some sort of cock-sucking epicurean gourmet. Looking to put his wood to good use, he plows her garden of earthly delights with his potent pud, driving her to multiple screaming, gut-wrenching orgasms as her rolls of flesh undulate to and fro with his every impassioned thrust. Taking some control over both their pleasures, she mounts him in cowgirl as he spanks her big, beautiful round ass, unleashing a sweet orgasmic release that continues streaming out of her in reverse cowgirl as she frenetically fingers her clit while her rolls of flesh bounce in unison to every probing push. Wanting to take a more active role, Jay puts her in spoon, then missionary, plowing the fertile field of her garden of carnal delights with his talented tool, until he eventually sprays his seed all over her abdomen and chest.

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