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Lady Spice September 19, 2016

Horny Jay just loves big tits, and busty Lady Spice has a pair of 36Hs that our goateed friend simply can’t resist. The chubby wench drops to her knees, grabs hold of Jay’s big boner, and slaps her lips around it for some scintillating blowjob action. She sucks his thick dong with evident relish, but it isn’t long before the older dude has Lady on her back and is pushing his thick schlong right up her moist vagina. The fabulous fatty’s huge hooters and belly fill the screen as Jay pumps her pulsing pussy with his massive meat in missionary position. Then the grey-haired stud lays back on the sofa, and Lady climbs onto his hard staff so she can ride it cowgirl style. We get a perfect view of her sizeable ass as Jay’s spasming penis reams out the tubby tart’s creamy quim. The energetic pair run through two more positions—spoon and doggie—as the priapic Jay continues to plumb the depths of the weighty wench’s wet twat with his throbbing throttle. The exciting conclusion arrives when Jay jacks his load onto Lady’s massive boobs, and the breasty BBW exclaims, “That was amazing!” How true, how true!

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Korina Lust September 16, 2016

Chubby Korina is in the studio today to make her first masturbation video, and Jeff is just pleased as Punch to have her. The large Latina disrobes for us and begins the action by rubbing her meaty muff with her fingers and diddling her clit with impressive digital dexterity. Next she pulls out a big dildo, lubes it with her wet mouth, and slides it right up her moist twat. Korina works the toy in and out of her creamy cunt with obvious enjoyment, but the wand massager beckons, so she flips its switch and applies its wonderful waves of sensation to her now dripping pussy. The wand finally gets the plump slut off, and she orgasms with intensity as she presses it to her spasming quim and brings out little play to its thrilling climax.
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Rosa Diez September 14, 2016

Plump newbie Rosa has just met horny Jay, and Jay likes what he sees. He massages her big belly with his hands and then spreads her legs so he can lick her meaty cunt. Out comes the dude’s thick cock, and the chubby Latina gobbles it right up, giving the stiff shaft a good working over with her red lips. Our grey-haired hero next pushes Rosa on her back and jams his massive member into her moist muff for some hard fucking in missionary position followed by continued pussy-pounding spoon style after the spicy slut turns on her side. Rosa’s immense stomach makes Jay even harder than usual as he bends her over and stuffs his swollen schlong back up her wet twat doggie style before pulling the Hispanic hoochie on top of him and pumping her fleshy quim some more in cowgirl position as her large butt dominates the view. The carnal couple return to missionary as Jay gets ready to cum, and he pulls out and jacks a huge load onto the fabulous fatty’s chest. The spent stud professes that Rosa is his favorite “dirty girl,” and she grins with well-earned pride.

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Autumn Cooper September 12, 2016

Chubby newcumer Autumn joins us today for her very first scene ever, but she’ll be tossing her own salad because there are no dicks around. She takes off her clothes for our enjoyment and then lays back to work on her own enjoyment by applying her fingers to her sensitive pussy. Her big belly is quite the sight, but when she gets on all fours, her huge ass is even more impressive. The plump slut is provided with a red vibrator and wastes no time flipping the switch and stuffing in up her fleshy twat. The toy makes her moan with pleasure, but the wand massager is waiting, so out that comes and onto her tingling clitoris it goes! Autumn is almost there now, so she discards the wand and once more diddles her snatch furiously with her hand until she finally cums. The orgasm is forceful and loud, and our new star vows to return soon.

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Korina Lust September 9, 2016

Jay, horny as ever, introduces himself to full-figured newcumer Korina by stuffing his face in her hairy muff and eating her fleshy pussy. Then he stands up and has the pretty plumper insert his hard wiener into her warm mouth for a little blowjob action. He sits down, and Korina bends over to keep sucking, and even the imperturbable Jay is surprised when she deep throats his huge schlong! Next, the grey-haired stud puts Korina on her back and slams his thick pecker into her wet cunt and proceeds to pump the fat slut good and hard missionary style. She turns on her side and continues to get her moist twat pounded by the massive meat-pole, now in spoon position. Jay lays back, and the chubby wench climbs up on his pulsing rod so she can ride it cowgirl style, her big ass toward the camera, before she gets on all fours and maintains the frenzied fucking in doggie position, the older dude ramming away at her spasming quim all the while. Finally, Jay’s reached his limit and simply has to cum, so be dumps his load on her lips, chin, and neck, and Korina enjoys the runny juice as the scene draws to a close.

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Nova Jade September 7, 2016

Long-dicked Eric is paired up with tattooed plumper Nova for today’s offering, and no time is wasted getting started. Eric lies back, and Nova bends over to suck on his lengthy, hard penis before he stands up and continues tapping her tonsils with his protracted wang as she kneels. Then it’s the sensuous BBW who lays back, and she spreads her legs for Eric to dive between for some fleshy muff-munching fun. He straightens up and jams his stiff pecker deep into Nova’s moist cunt and pumps the sizeable slut good and hard the missionary way. Next, the stud sits back down and has Nova straddle his swollen erection for an energetic reverse cowgirl ride before she turns around and continues the vigorous twat reaming in cowgirl position, her ample ass dominating the view as her formidable fuck-hole moves up and down on the guy’s pulsing pecker. This is followed by doggie and spoon style banging as the raunchy couple segue from one position to the next, and Nova’s bodacious box goes on getting pounded relentlessly by Eric’s massive meat-pole. The day’s festivities come to close when the horny schlub pulls out and jacks himself off onto the chubby wench’s lips for the grand finale.

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Maisie Blue September 5, 2016

Maisie’s dressed in blue, appropriately enough, but not for long. She sheds her lingerie and starts diddling her fleshly, wet cunt with her fingers and playing with her big tits. She pulls out a purple vibrator, lubricates it with her mouth and then slams it into her twitching quim for some in and out action that gets her closer to her objective but not quite there. The horny plumper needs more, so she gets out a wand massager, fires it up, and starts rubbing her by-now impatient twat with it. The device’s waives of pleasure do the trick, as our heavy heroine finds herself experiencing an intense orgasm at last and ending her masturbation session more than fully satisfied.

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Peaches September 2, 2016

Horny, grey-haired Jay loves jelly bellies, and chubby Peaches has one that he simply can’t resist. Jay shoves his face into the tubby tart’s titanic tummy before she gets on her knees and starts to blow his huge, stiff penis. Studly Jay then pushes Peaches onto her back and slides his thick cock right up her wet twat and proceeds to pump the plumper hard in missionary position. Peaches turns on her side and continues to take the raucous dicking spoon style, with her tremendous belly on full display. Then it’s time to gaze at the fat slut’s big butt as she climbs on top of Jay and rides his swollen shaft in reverse cowgirl position. The older dude next bends Peaches over and piston-fucks her dripping cunt from behind and then returns the wide-assed wench to missionary for some final pussy plundering before the cumshot. He jacks himself off onto Peaches’s ruby lips and confesses just how fucking turned-on he is by big bellies and asses like hers.

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Amanda Foxxx August 31, 2016

Big boobed Amanda has come over to Chad’s house for some lovin’, and Chad’s more than happy to give it to her. The chubby tart bends over the seated stud and wraps her lips around his hard cock to gets things started. She pushes her big melons around his rigid wiener and treats the thin, white dude to a rousing tit-fuck before Chad stands up and stuffs his massive dick back into her wanton mouth for some more ball-licking, tube-sucking fellatio. Again the pulsing penis is squeezed between breast-flesh for some continued tit-fucking before our skinny hero swings around and slams his hard staff deep into the weighty wench’s sopping pussy for some missionary style banging. Chad sits back down on the sofa, and Amanda climbs on top of his thick erection so she can ride him in cowgirl position, with her sizeable ass filling the screen. Then she turns around to continue the cunt-pounding reverse cowgirl style before getting on all fours and taking Chad’s spasming schlong right back up her moist pussy the doggie way. The raunchy round-girl next turns on her side to get spoon-fucked before the slim stud finally decides to let her have his cum. He blows his load on Amanda’s heavy jugs, and the plump slut enjoys the cream as the night’s entertainment comes to an end.

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Nova Jade August 29, 2016

Full-figured, tattooed Nova is horny today, but there’re no studs around, so she’s going to administer a little self help to the situation. She peels off her tight dress and starts rubbing her cunt and inserting her fingers into it, both lying on her back and on her knees bent over. Her thick frame and big ass sure look good! Out comes a big, red vibrator and into Nova’s slick twat it goes, the excited plumper running it in and out faster and faster in pursuit of an orgasm. Not quite there yet, the well-inked fatty pulls out a wand massager and applies its pulsing sensations to her tits and pussy with determination and she finally cums with the sex toy in full overdrive. Satisfied at last, the chubby slut waives goodbye.

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Nikky Wilder August 26, 2016

Studly schlub Eric feels it’s been entirely too long since he’s seen chubby Nikky’s big tits, so she pulls off her bra and Eric buries his face in her considerable cleavage. The dude’s long dick quickly comes out, and Nikky gets to work sucking on it. She fellates the stiff rod and rubs it between her tits for some good, old fashioned tit-fucking. Next, the breasty BBW climbs onto the prone Eric and rides his protracted prick with her pulsing pussy. Her prodigious tummy bounces wonderfully as the cock slides in and out of her fleshy twat in reverse cowgirl position. Nikky follows up by lying on her back and taking the long schlong right back up her moist quim missionary style, Eric pumping away like there’s no tomorrow. The passionate pair then segue into cowgirl position, and Nikky’s generous ass really bounces up and down as the guy’s thick baton fills her slick love-hole all the way to the brim. Eric fucks the boisterous plumper in two more positions—doggie and spoon—before he simply can hold out no longer and jacks his load onto Nikky’s massive mammaries for the thrilling finale.

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Maisie Blue August 24, 2016

Maisie’s a chubby noob with chubby boobs, and, as always, Eric is all over that! He buries his face between the new BBW’s big tits and then sits down and has Maisie lean over and suck on his long dick and tit-fuck him with her marvelous mams. The pleasant plumper then has a seat herself, oils up her jugs, and again tit-fucks the studly shlub as he’s standing. She leans back and spreads her legs so Eric can munch on her fleshy muffin before he moves up and crams his stiff wiener in her moist pussy spoon style, with the camera getting a grand view of Maisie’s bountiful belly. Eric sits back down, and the fresh fatty hoists herself up on his protracted penis and rides it hard and fast in reverse cowgirl position before she turns around and carries on the energetic reaming cowgirl style. Next Maisie bends over and continues to take the rigid rod in and out of her pulsing cunt with Eric behind her, but the creamy couple finally returns to their favorite, spooning, with no letup on the passionate pussy pounding. The climax comes when Eric jacks himself off on to Maisie’s tongue, and we say goodbye hoping this chunky newcumer will be back real soon!

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Buxom Bella August 22, 2016

Bella and her big tits are disappointed that there won’t be a cock in this scene, but they get over it quick! Jeff has the busty BBW slowly remove her clothing to show off her sizeable breasts and butt, and then she starts in on playing with herself. Her fingers work magic on her sensitive pussy but more is needed, so out comes a red vibrator, and Bella sucks on it and squeezes it between her large boobs before pushing it up her yearning cunt and working it in and out rhythmically. The wand massager is next, and the slutty plumper enjoys applying it to her nipples before turning the device on her squirming twat. Bella rubs her quivering quim with the salacious sex toy until she works her way up to a draining orgasm, and she signs off by waving goodbye with what little strength she has left!

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Calista Roxxx August 19, 2016

Sizeable, sexy Calista can’t wait to get Chad’s cock out of his pants, and Chad’s got no objection to that! Calista bends over the seated stud and slides his hard prick into her warm mouth, sucking on it with obvious relish. Chad pumps the tattooed plumper’s cake-hole hard and then transitions his stiff member into her juicy pussy as she lies back. He fucks the heavyweight honey missionary style and then bends her over so he ravage her fleshy cunt from behind and enjoy his view of her ample ass. Next the fat beauty turns on her side to take a thorough dicking in spoon position before climbing on top of the skinny dude to ride him cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Calista’s generous belly and buttocks are shown in all their jiggling, giggling glory as horny Chad keeps a pumpin’ away at the fabulous fatty’s spasming twat with his rigid ramrod. The passionate pair go through a couple more positions before Chad’s ready to pop, and he beats himself off onto Calista’s lips for the jizz-draining finale. Bravo!

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Nova Jade August 17, 2016

Chubby, tattooed newcumer Nova is making her first ever porn video, and horny, grey-haired Jay is the lucky stud who gets to do the honors! He pulls the bashful BBW’s clothes off and then buries his face in her large ass in the way that only Jay can. Nova sits on the sofa, and Jay crams his thick dick into her talented mouth for some sloppy cock-sucking before he pushes the sizeable slut onto her back and slurps on her fleshy twat with orgasmic enthusiasm. Next our greying hero moves up and stuffs his slick sausage deep into Nova’s hungry pussy in missionary position and then lays back and has the well-inked plumper ride his hard rod cowgirl style, her wide buttocks moving up and down rapidly on the pulsing prick. Nova slides onto her side and continues to get her quim pumped by the hardened staff in spoon position before getting on all fours and taking some more energetic dicking the doggie way. Finally, Jay’s just too excited to hold out any longer and jacks himself off onto the first-time fatty’s lips for the explosive climax. “Was I a good girl?” asks Nova. “Good girls don’t fuck good. Bad girls fuck great!” exclaims Jay.

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