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Juicy Jazmynne March 27, 2017

Juicy is a dark haired, corpulent cutie with mountainous mounds of supple flesh and, true to her name, she wastes no time getting naked and devouring Eric’s potent prick with voracious, wolfish hunger as she fingers her quivering quim. Eric decides to bury his bone in her other hungry hole, vigorously plowing her shaved snatch as she fingers her clit, moaning in lecherous jubilation. Unleashing her passions, he has her mount his monumental meat missile in cowgirl, letting her big, beautiful fat ass canter on his cock to a strumpet’s paradise. Once in doggie, she throws her big fat ass back onto his potent prick with feral, fiery fervor, like the bitch in heat that she is, moaning in sluttish reverie. Eric decides to lay her in spoon, driving his talented tallywacker into her with savage fury as she frantically fingers her clit and explodes in a volcanic, gut-wrenching, screaming orgasm before he unleashes a geyser of goo into and all over her mouth and tits. Eric keeps jerking off and cums a second time, giving her an extra serving of slut sauce.

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Mirage March 24, 2017

Mirage is a thick, sexy, black girl with sweet caramel skin, titanic tits, and a wicked smile. Understandably blown away by her ample charms, her black stud rubs baby oil all over her tits and ass while ranting of his amazement. Whipping out his humongous, big, black donkey dick, he grabs her head to face-fuck her brains out as she slobbers all over his cock, trying to force it all the way down her throat. With his cock lubed in spit, he titty-fucks her fabulous fun bags in between her demonstrating her oral prowess. Wanting to plow her other hungry hole, he slides his jumbo Johnson into her bald honey pot, fucking her with impassioned zeal as she fingers her clit, moaning and lost in hedonistic reverie. Taking control, she mounts his horse cock in reverse cowgirl while feverishly fingering her clit as he fires his beef rocket into her, triggering an explosive, screaming orgasm. After sucking her pussy juice off of his titanic tool, she continues her wild ride in cowgirl as her big, beautiful, fat ass ferociously humps his rigid rod, and she gallops to her lecherous nirvana. Driving her home in spoon, he drills his ebony battering ram into her honeyed hole with savage fury as she cums like a bat out of hell. Putting her in doggie, he fucks her like the bitch in heat that she is, ramming his potent prick into her like a jack hammer as she screams in orgasmic release. Unable to hold back, he pulls out, spraying his slut sauce into her mouth and all over her mouth and tits.

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Crystal Valentine March 22, 2017

Crystal is a thick, sex crazed, dark haired, heavy honey who has come to see Jay, our resident masseur, to ease the soreness of her muscle that were strained from overfucking at a swing party. After a brief hello, Jay has her strip and lay on his table on her stomach, and then he oils her up as his magic fingers and hands stroke and knead her tense back, ass, and thigh muscles. Flipping her over, he kneads her abundant flesh from her mountainous mammaries down to her shaved harlot’s hole. Looking to relieve that deep seated tension, he brings out a vibrating dildo, using it to titillate her pert nipples and then her highly responsive clit before he slides it into her honey pot while he licks and fingers her sensitive love button. Moving on, he brings out his heavy duty vibrator, pressing it firmly into her cunt until its magic vibes elicit a whimpering, gut-wrenching orgasm, which erupts from deep within her. Doing his due diligence, he puts her in doggie to stretch her back and ass muscles as he uses his power vibe on her clit while fingering her ass to release every last bit of tension. Limp as a wet noodle, she is left contentedly resting on Jay’s table.

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Miss Ladycakes March 20, 2017

Lady Cakes is a ton-of-fun, large bodied lass with red hair and some mountainous mammaries who has come to visit Eric, our resident chubby chaser, to sample his wonder wang. They quickly strip down so she can devour his giant kielbasa as if it were her last supper. Returning the favor, he licks her hungry hole before sliding his mighty member into her garden of carnal delights, plowing her vehemently and making her fleshy folds undulate in unison with his powerful thrusts. Moaning in delight, she takes him for a ride mounted in cowgirl, with her big fat ass humping him like there was no tomorrow. She spins into reverse cowgirl to continue her carnal coupling, grinding her fleshy pussy onto his steely shaft as screaming, gut-wrenching orgasms erupt from within her. Looking to drive her home, Eric puts her in doggie, ramming his prodigious prick into her with fiery fervor as she continues cumming like a bitch in heat while begging for more. Laying her in spoon, he drills his trouser snake into her with fanatical zeal, making her cum like a screaming banshee as her rotundness hangs off of the couch, swaying like a wave of mountainous flesh with every thrust. Eric finally pulls out to shower his creamy goo into her mouth and all over her face and tits.

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Desi Dae March 17, 2017

Desi’s a newbie, brown-haired, thick, sexy fat girl doing her first sex scene with Eric, our horny chubby chaser. After a brief intro, they strip and Eric dives between her thunder thighs, licking her shaved snatch as she moans in orgiastic delight. She returns the favor, sucking his dauntless dong with tenacious resolve while fingering her fleshy pussy. Eric titty-fucks her hefty fun bags before sliding his tireless tool into her greedy cunt as she fingers herself to a powerful orgasmic release. He has her ride his monumental fuck-pole in cowgirl, her big beautiful fat ass humping him with impassioned zeal, galloping to a halcyon haven of hedonistic nirvana. Ironically, sirens are heard on the street outside, heralding the impalement of her hungry hole on his pork sword in reverse cowgirl as she moans sluttishly. Covering all bases, Eric puts her in doggie, ferociously drilling his steely shaft into her juice box as she moans like whore in heat. Moving into spoon, he continues his pussy barrage, ramming his meat hammer into her with zealous fervor as she fingers herself to another primal, gut-wrenching, whimpering orgasm. Eric decides to give her a porn star finale by firing a jet of jism all over her face and tits, welcoming her to the business.

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Crystal Valentine March 13, 2017

Crystal is a dark haired, tattooed, pretty plumper with mountainous mammaries and a truly lecherous smile. She’s come to see Jay for a quirky, and doesn’t waste any time getting his monster cock into her mouth. Feeling the time crunch, Jay blows through the foreplay to bury his face between her jumbo thighs and lick her honeyed hole. Returning the favor, she’s soon sucking on his cock with the expertise of a seasoned pro coupled with the hungry cravings of a cock-addicted slut-whore. Putting her in doggie, he relentlessly plows her hungry hole, making her moan like a bitch in heat. With her juices flowing, he has her mount his massive meat missile in cowgirl, her big, beautiful fat ass humping his monster cock with impassioned, fiery fervor. After sucking her juices off of his pecker, she climbs back on in reverse cowgirl, slamming her cunt onto his prodigious prick with savage fury. Jay whips out his signature move, drilling her in spoon like a jack hammer while she frantically fingers her clit, her mounds of fleshy folds undulating with every thrust. He continues his pussy barrage in missionary, using all of his weight to slam his titanic tool into her shaved snatch with ferocious, feral frenzy. He goes back and forth between titty-fucking her and driving his steely shaft into her twat until, unable to hold back, he pulls out to spray her tits with his joy juice.

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Bella Bangz March 10, 2017

Bella is a black-haired, olive-skinned, tattooed corpulent cutie who has come to pay Jay, our confirmed chubby chaser, a visit to satisfy their mutual cravings. They are soon naked, and she does her best to devour every inch of Jay’s donkey dick, gagging as she forces it all the way down her throat to satisfy her oral cock addiction. Anxious to put his wood to good use, she mounts him in cowgirl, her big, beautiful fat ass humping his towering, mega meat-stick with electrified exhilaration. Then, moving into the driver’s seat, Jay plants his rigid rod into her bald garden of perverse desires, plowing her with steely resolve in missionary as she squeals with delight. Wanting to feed all of her hungry holes, he changes venues by easing his beefy battering ram into her tight, puckered bunghole while she frenetically fingers her clit, moaning in ecstasy and begging him to fuck her horny ass. Rolling her onto her side, he continues drilling her ass with fiery fervor in anal spoon as she fingers her cunt, moaning and screaming in sluttish exaltation. She pauses to suck her ass juice off of his dauntless dong before impaling her asshole on his meat missile in anal reverse cowgirl, bouncing on his potent prick with ferocious fury then falling into anal spoon, where he continues driving her home like a runaway locomotive until he pulls out as a geyser of goo erupts all over her face and into her mouth.

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Tiffany Star March 8, 2017

After a brief intro for this solo masturbation scene, Tiffany, a red-haired, tattooed corpulent cutie with a big smile, a shaved hooch, and pierced nipples and clit, begins fingering her hungry hooch to get her juices flowing. She continues to finger he clit in doggie, giving us a spectacular view of her big, beautiful fat ass. Ready for more, she whips out a big pink dildo that she demonstrates her oral expertise on before using it to fuck her garden of perversity, bringing herself to multiple eyes rolling in the back of her head orgasms. With her whorish appetite craving more, she pulls out our industrial strength vibrator that kicks in the after burners of her lascivious desires. A true sluttish glutton, she greedily uses this monster vibrator to bring herself to multiple full-bodied, gut-wrenching, screaming orgasms. Finally satiated, having cum so many times I lost count, she leaves us with a coquettish smile, a knowing wink, and a cock crazed glint in her eye.

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Bella Bendz March 6, 2017

Bella’s a BBW slut with reddish hair and a sluttish glint in her sex crazed eyes who has come to see Eric, our gourmet of fatty flesh. Wasting little time on pleasantries, she is soon gobbling down his whopping wang with gluttonous, wolfish hunger, totally getting off on forcing it down her throat balls deep. Rewarding her oral expertise, Eric slides his hulking meatstick into her shaved garden of decadent desires, furiously plowing her in missionary as her Buddha-belly jiggles with every forceful thrust and she moans in delight. Eric continues his pussy pounding in doggie, grabbing her big fat ass as he slams his dauntless dong into her until she squeals in orgiastic ecstasy. With her passions set ablaze, she throws herself back to meet his potent prick like the bitch in heat that she is. Given free reign, she mounts him in cowgirl, humping and grinding her hungry harlot’s hole onto his dauntless dick with impassioned zeal, bringing herself to multiple screaming orgasms. She continues her wild ride in reverse cowgirl while frantically fingering her cunt, furthering the release of more gut-wrenching, screaming orgasms. Back in the driver’s seat, Eric drives his joystick into her in spoon with ferocious, fiery fervor so that her torrential orgasmic release may continue unabated. Returning to missionary, he fucks her senseless, making her speak in tongues until he unleashes a geyser of goo all over her tits, face and into her mouth, leaving her glazed but satisfied.

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Desi Dae March 3, 2017

Desi’s a thick, sexy, corpulent cutie with huge 36 DDD boobage, a shaved snatch, and a big, beautiful fat ass doing her very first porn scene with us. After a get-to-know-her intro, she gets into a solo masturbation scene, fingering her hungry hooch. This being her first scene, she’s naturally a bit reticent at first but soon succumbs to the pleasure arising from her wandering digits that play her nipples and clit like a fine instrument, rendering a concerto of ecstatic fulfillment conveyed by her moans. She demonstrates her cock sucking expertise on a vibrating dildo before inserting it into her moist quim and tantalizing her sensitive clit with its vibratory charms. With fingers on her clit and the vibrator inside stimulating her G spot, she brings herself to some eyes-rolling-to-the-back-of-her head euphoria, but, being the gluttonous slut that she is, she breaks out the heavy duty vibrator that one could wax a floor with. A shocked look of indescribably intense pleasure washes over her face when it first touches her clit, revealing that this is her first time with this much power. Once the surprise passes, she works her clit with the focused concentration of a bomb disposal technician. The only thing in the world that exists is the pleasure that she’s feeling from those scintillating vibrations pulsing through her clit. What begins with a low guttural grumble soon explodes into a full-body, gut-wrenching, screaming orgasm that was probably felt in the next state.

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