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Miss Lingling February 20, 2017

Miss LingLing is a hot n’ horny Asian BBW with elephantine 38O boobs who wants Jay to feed her voracious sexual hunger. Diving in, Jay licks her asshole before she sucks his stalwart shaft with ravenous, wolfish hunger. She suffocates Jay with her mountainous mammaries before mounting his prodigious prick for a spirited ride in cowgirl, and the intensity of her moans increases with every thrust. Jay’s spanking of her big, beautiful fat ass kicks in the after burners, and she cums like a screaming banshee. She savors sucking her pussy juice off of his potent prick before he titty-fucks her titanic boobs and then enters her garden of perverse delights, plowing her like his life depended on it, as she moans and screams in orgiastic approval. He drills her hungry hole harder and faster in spoon while she fingers her closely cropped pussy, and her fabulous fleshy folds undulate with every forceful thrust, releasing a torrent of screaming, gut-wrenching orgasms. Impaling herself on his towering fuck-pole in reverse cowgirl, she is catapulted into a hedonistic delirium, slamming her fleshy pussy onto his potent prick with violent fervor and cumming like a bat out of hell. Driving her home, Jay slams his meat stick into her like a jackhammer in doggie, triggering more screaming orgasms, which continue unabated as he slides his jumbo-sized Johnson into her in missionary until, unable to hold back, he pulls out to spray paint her ginormous monster tits with his creamy white goo.

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Sinful Samia February 17, 2017

Samia’s a blond, tattooed, pretty plumper with ginormous, mountainous mammaries who has come to see Eric, our resident chubby chaser, to feed her voracious, licentious appetite. She wastes little time getting his jumbo sized Johnson into her mouth for a sensual blowjob, savoring every inch as it slides between her whorish lips while she fingers her clit. Returning the favor, Eric licks her shaved snatch with great zeal before slipping his potent prick into her in garden of decadent desires in missionary, making her scream and moan in raptured exultation, cumming like a freight train. Unable to resist her titanic tits, Eric frequently pulls out for some scintillating titty-fucking. She mounts him in cowgirl, humping his meat stick with fiery fervor, continuing her crusade to cum. Eric continues his assault, pulverizing her pussy in doggie, drilling her deep as he makes her scream in jubilation before laying her in spoon to pound his prodigious prick up her backdoor as she urges him to fuck her harder. He slams his beef baton into her with ferocious zeal as she fingers her clit, exploding with multiple screaming, gut-wrenching orgasms. Staggering in a dick-drunk stupor, intoxicated by his mighty meat stick, she stumbles to remount him in anal reverse cowgirl, screaming in ecstasy as she continues cumming on his talented tool until he finally pulls out to spray his joy juice all over her titanic tits.

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Kacey Parker February 15, 2017

Kacey is a big, beautiful, blond-haired, large-bodied lass with some ginormous, mountainous mammaries who has come to see Eric, one of our resident chubby chasers, to scratch her itch. With her gluttonous hunger spurring her on, she’s soon naked, gobbling down Eric’s jumbo sized Johnson and sucking it with expert skill and ravenous, sluttish hunger. He’s unable to resist titty-fucking her titanic tits before burying his face in her bald honey pot to lick her sweet nectar. Laying her on her side, he slides his flinty tool into her garden of perverse desires with unwavering forceful thrusts, making her moan and scream in rapture. When he then rolls her into missionary, he makes her fleshy folds undulate with every potent thrust. After some more titty and mouth fucking, she mounts him in reverse cowgirl, greedily riding his big bone to harvest every ounce of pleasure that she can from it. She continues her wild ride in cowgirl, with her big beautiful fat ass humping his mega cock with impassioned ardor, exploding in the first of many gut-wrenching orgasms that takes her breath away. Dick-drunk with orgasmic bliss, she fumbles into doggie, where Eric continues pulverizing her pussy with his whopping tool as her cavalcade of volcanic orgasms continues, and she begs him to punish her with his big dick. Eric lays her in spoon, drilling her fleshy cunt like a jack hammer as she screams in orgasmic gratitude. Having done his duty, Eric coats her monster boobs with his creamy goo.

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Bella Bangz February 13, 2017

Bella’s a pretty, tattooed, raven-haired plumper with some massive 36DD breasts, deep, dark eyes and big, pouty, cock-sucking lips who’s a newcomer in these here parts. After an intro to get to know her, she strips, displaying her ample charms, with many fleshy folds both front and rear. She then begins fingering her fleshy pussy while talking sexily to us. Wanting to enjoy her from every angle, we have her continue fingering her hungry hole while in doggie so we can take a gander at her fabulous, big fat ass. She decides to use our silver vibrating dildo first, demonstrating her cock sucking expertise on it before inserting it into her hungry harlot’s hole. She alternates between fucking herself with it and vibrating her sensitive love button, bringing herself to an intense orgasm. We can tell by the way she slams the dildo into her how this heavy honey likes to be fucked. Having had her fill with the dildo, she moves on to our heavy-duty, nuclear-option vibrator that makes her eyes widen with gluttonous, wolfish hunger as she works it on her clit. She pushes it so hard against her clit that it looks like it will snap, but what snaps are the floodgates, unleashing a flood of gut-wrenching, eyes-rolling-in-the-back-of-her head orgasms. This is one chunky chick that you will want to keep your eye on.

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Kailie Raynes February 10, 2017

Kailie is a large, dark-haired, tattooed corpulent cutie who has come back to revisit Eric, our resident chubby chaser, and his dauntless dong. Wasting no time, she strips down to give his towering tool a sensual blowjob while fingering her clit like a true slut. Eric can’t resist titty-fucking those colossal fun bags before peremptorily plowing her closely-cropped, fleshy pussy with his massive meat stick. She takes his joystick for joyride in cowgirl, with her big, beautiful fat ass bouncing feverishly on his potent prick as she moans in orgiastic approval. With her moaning like a bitch in heat, he decides to fuck her like one in doggie, drilling her like the Holland Tunnel. This was all foreplay to throwing gasoline on her fiery lust as she impales her tight puckered bunghole on his prodigious prick in anal reverse cowgirl, and he fires his meat missile into her while she frenetically fingers her clit unbridling her innermost, primal sexual urges. He continues pulverizing her asshole with his weapon of ass destruction in anal spoon, feeding her inner slut until Eric finally pulls out to spray paint her tits with his joy juice.

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Gabbie Sin February 8, 2017

Gabby is a beautiful, thick, sexy black girl with mountainous breasts, sparkling, big dark eyes, and the most adorable smile. After a brief intro, she’s demonstrating her oral expertise by sucking her stud’s ginormous, black dinosaur dick with a glorious wet sloppy blowjob, forcing it all the way down her velvety throat: a consummate cock sucker. Her swarthy stud plows her shaved garden of decadent delights with his steely shaft as her boobs jiggle with every thrust and she moans in ecstasy while fingering her engorged clit. After she sucks her pussy juice off his humongous monster cock, he buries it in her harlot’s hole, drilling her cavern of hedonistic cravings in spoon, triggering an orgasmic rapture to erupt from her hungry hole. Being given free reign, she mounts his monumental fuck-pole in cowgirl, with her big, beautiful fat ass bouncing on it with salacious single mindedness before switching to reverse cowgirl, where her bountiful breasts bounce in sync with every formidable thrust as she frantically fingers her clit, releasing a torrent of gut-wrenching, screaming orgasms. Looking to give her the pounding she yearns for, he puts her in doggie, grabbing her big beautiful ass while he slams his jumbo sized Johnson into her like a jack hammer, giving her religion and a few more huge orgasms. Unable to contain himself any longer, he pulls out, squirting a load of his slut juice into and all around her mouth, much to her delight.

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Baby Rose February 6, 2017

Baby Rose is a large, brown-haired, big-boobed corpulent cutie who’s sore from all her wild antics, so she’s come to Jay, our massage guru, to relax her tight muscles. After a brief Q&A to understand why she’s there, Jay has her naked, oiled up on his table, kneading her fleshy folds with deep tissue stroking. After paying special attention to massaging her ass and asshole, he has her roll over and massages her massive mammaries while licking and sucking her pert nipples before working down to her shaved fleshy pussy. Jay leaves no stone unturned, looking to release every ounce of tension where ever it may be. Looking to get at those hard to reach spots, he brings out a vibrating dildo to work into her hungry hole, making her moan in delight as he looks to release all of the pent up sexual tension locked within her. While his vibe is buried deep within in her, he fingers and tongues her clit, triggering her orgasmic release. Jay then brings out his big, heavy duty vibrator, which sends her over the edge. He works it on her clit until she explodes in a volcanic eruption, leaving her a loose, limp shell. Realizing she still has some back tension, he puts her in doggie so he can deeply work her back and butt muscles before focusing his monster vibe on her sensitive clit while licking her asshole, which releases a torrent of orgasmic bliss. The scene closes as he leaves her lying on his table to relax and bask in the rapture that’s coursing through her.

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Sara Star February 3, 2017

Sara is a large, tattooed, corpulent cutie with hot pink hair who’s happy to help Jay, our resident chubby chaser, release all of his pent up frustrations. Soon they rip off their clothes as Jay buries his face in her mountainous mammaries, licking and sucking her pert nipples. With her bending over while standing, he licks her asshole and pussy before letting her prove her oral expertise sucking his cock with ravenous, wolfish hunger, gagging to force every steely inch down her throat until it’s balls-deep. Putting his wood to good use, he buries his potent prick in her garden of decadent desires, plowing it with impassioned zeal while she fingers her clit to a screaming orgasm. Her fabulous fun bags and mounds of fleshy folds undulate with every potent thrust of his wonder wang. With her fires set ablaze, she mounts his massive man meat in reverse cowgirl, riding him to several gut-wrenching orgasms while frantically fingering her clit. She continues her torrential stream of orgasmic release as he drills her fleshy pussy in spoon, and she screams with delight. Giving her what she needs, he puts her in doggie, drilling her fleshy pussy with his indefatigable prick with ferocious fiery fervor as she screams like a bitch in heat. Mounting his rigid rod in cowgirl, she gallops to orgiastic fulfillment with her beautiful, big fat ass filling the screen. For the homestretch, he puts her back in missionary, plowing her with rabid determination until he pulls out to spray paint her tits with his hot cum.

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Buxom Bella February 1, 2017

Bella is a blond, big-titted, round n’ raunchy fat girl who has come to visit Chad, one of our resident cock jockeys, to feed her libidinous, ravenous, wolfish hunger. She wastes no time devouring his baloney pony, taking it deep down her throat until she gags, sucking it like a cock-addicted junkie getting the fix she desperately craves. After oiling up her mountainous fun bags for a proper titty-fuck, Chad pushes her down to slam his anaconda of lust into her shaved snatch with ferocious, savage fury, making her moan in ecstasy as her fabulous fleshy folds undulate with every forceful thrust. He flips her over, pounding her in doggie like the bitch in heat that she is, and she moans and screams in orgiastic release. These two can’t seem to get enough of one another, so, consumed by their unbridled lust, they continue their carnal coupling in spoon as he fires his prodigious prick into her with machine gun-like rapidity and power. After a brief return to doggie, she mounts his towering fuck-pole for a rousing ride in cowgirl as her big, beautiful ass fills the screen, slamming onto his joystick with fierce, fanatical zeal. After gluttonously sucking her pussy juice off of his cock, she remounts in reverse cowgirl, fingering her throbbing clit while her titanic tits bounce with every formidable thrust. For the home stretch, he puts her back in missionary as he works up a hefty load and then sprays it all over her face and tits, leaving her looking like a well-fucked glazed donut

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Miss Lingling January 30, 2017

Miss Lingling is a big, thick, sexy Asian girl with ginormous, mountainous mammaries who has come to Jay, our massage guru, to ease the strain of her back muscles caused by holding up those weighty fun bags. Laying her on his table, he oils her up and deep kneads her fabulous, fleshy folds like a baker kneading dough. Flipping her over, he adds tongue massage to her pert nipples as his magic fingers gradually work down to massage her fleshy pussy. Looking to get at those hard to reach places, Jay has her suck his pink vibrating dildo to lube it before using it on her sensitive nipples and tingling clitoris, eventually working it deep into her hungry hole to trigger a deep, screaming orgasmic release, and he continues using his tongue and fingers to bring her to multiple massive orgasms. Then he brings out his heavy duty monster vibrator, starting with low power on her nipples and then working down to her harlot’s hole to insure that he has released every last ounce of tension. This power vibe does the trick, giving her a bone-rattling orgasm that takes her breath away. Doing his due diligence, Jay has her get in doggie to deeply massage her back and butt and then bring his power vibe back to her tender clit, holding onto her as she tries to buck free from its powerful caress until she explodes in a volcanic, full-body orgasm, releasing every last ounce of tension. Jay leaves her lying on his table, limp as a noodle and with a big smile on her face.

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