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Scarlett Raven June 28, 2017

Scarlet’s a red headed, tattooed, super fat, bounteous BBW who has come to sample Eric’s potent prick, which he happily presents to her. She sensually sucks his rigid rod, savoring every stony inch, moaning ecstatically with epicurean relish while fingering her clit. Eric buries his face in her fleshy bald pussy before vehemently plowing his daring dick into her garden of lascivious longing, instantly inducing pants, moans, and screams of orgiastic exultation as she explodes in the first of many all-consuming orgasms. Mounted on his fuck-pole in cowgirl, her humongous, big fat ass fervently humps his dingus as she races to her orgasmic nirvana, moaning and screaming in whorish rapture. Resuming her wild ride in reverse cowgirl, he ardently fires his meat missile into her, causing her immense abdomen to jiggle like a bowl of Jello while her endless orgasmic outpourings continues unabated. Dropping her into anal spoon, he diligently drills her asshole while she fingers her clit, kicking in the after burners of her volatile, screaming, orgasmic eruptions. He then pounds her asshole in doggie while she moans, pants, and screams, as the ongoing cavalcade of orgasmic splendor engulfs her. Flipping her into anal missionary, he fingers her pussy, and she her clit, while he fiercely slams his dingus into her and her fleshy mounds undulate with every potent thrust, her moaning, screaming, orgasmic deluge continuing unabated. Having done his duty, he jacks off, dumping a hefty load of cum onto her tongue.

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Big Tender June 26, 2017

True to her name, Big Tender is a horny, tattooed, pierced, redheaded, super-fat corpulent cutie with a very hairy bush who seeks Chad’s help to satiate her insatiable libido. After only a little kissing and fondling, he has her moaning like a whore in heat. She then gluttonously sucks his pink cigar with slavish devotion, relishing his slapping her tongue with his stony shaft and face fucking her. He vigorously plows his crank into her garden of lecherous longings in missionary while she moans in fanatical rapture, and her fatty folds undulate with every virile thrust. Riding him in cowgirl, her humongous ass vehemently bounces on his kielbasa with unbridled lust, exploding in orgasmic wonder. Continuing to pulverize her pussy in doggie, he ardently slams his man meat into her as she moans in whorish exultation, while a torrent of volcanic, screaming, body-convulsing orgasms burst forth. Watching her slam her furry fire crotch onto his fuck-pole in reverse cowgirl as her sumptuous mounds of fatty flesh jiggle and sway as she moans, screams, and cums in sluttish jubilation is a sight to behold. He then drills his dingus into her lush, red, jungle-covered valley of lust, engendering a torrential deluge of mind-altering, moaning, screaming orgasms to rip through her until Chad cums into and all over her mouth, face, and tits, leaving her looking like a shell-shocked, well-fucked glazed doughnut with bushy eyebrows.

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Velma Voodoo June 23, 2017

Velma’s a tall, blond, tattooed, super fat, heavy harlot with pierced nipples who’s come to see Jay, our resident masseur, to release the kinks of her sore muscles from too much sex work. Once she’s naked and lying flat on his table,, Jay oils her up and deeply strokes and kneads her fatty flesh like a baker kneading dough as she groans appreciatively. He pays special attention to her humongous ass, as he administers his special tongue massage to her puckered bunghole, but, once, he works his fingers into her gluttonous pussy, she erupts in an explosive, full-body, convulsing orgasm. Flipping her onto her back, he goes to work on her front, starting with her fabulous fun bags and working down over her abundant abdomen to her inner thighs and bald, hungry cock pocket. Realizing that she needs some deep tissue release, he brings out a vibrating dildo to tease her clit before working it into her cave of carnal wonders, which quickly elicits a gut-wrenching, screaming, banshee-like orgasm. To insure all the tension in her back and butt is released, he puts her in doggie for a good stretch, then uses his industrial-strength, heavy-duty vibrator on her clit while he tongues her asshole and fingers her pussy, unleashing a tsunami of orgasmic splendor that leaves her loose and limp as a wet noodle.

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Miss Ladycakes June 21, 2017

Miss Ladycakes is a ton-of-fun, redheaded corpulent cutie with some mountainously massive mammaries who has come to see if Chad’s prodigious prick can satiate her lecherous longings. After Chad licks and slaps her titanic tits, she sensually sucks his donkey dick with epicurean, sluttish relish, shoving every stony inch down her gullet while pausing occasionally for the obligatory titty fuck. Chad returns the favor by diving into her bald, fleshy pussy to lick her hungry hole as she moans ecstatically. He then fervently plows his donkey dick into her gluttonous garden of lecherous longings with impassioned zeal, spurred on by her lustful moans. She decides to take his colossal cock for a wild ride, first in cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl, her big fat ass humping him with unbridled lust. Moving back into missionary, he barbarically pounds her pussy with fury as her fabulous fleshy folds undulate with every potent thrust. Chad continues pulverizing her pussy in spoon as he drills his dork into her, making her explode in orgasmic splendor. Once in doggie, he goes up and over to fiercely pile drive his beefy battering ram into her as the power of his potent thrusts ripples through her fatty flesh and she swoons, lost in an intoxicated, dick-drunk revelry. Returning to cowgirl, she ferociously humps his prick, exploding in a volcanic release until he fires a jet stream of jism all over her face and tits.

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Danni Dawson June 19, 2017

Danni is a tall, Amazonian, large bodied lass with pierced nipples who has come to sample Eric’s massive man meat, which she sucks with epicurean relish. Feeding her other hungry hole, he intently plows her garden of lascivious longings with resolute resolve as she groans in sluttish rapture. Danni then settles her big, beautiful fat ass onto his towering tool in cowgirl, moaning in carnal surfeit as he thrusts into her. She continues her wild ride in reverse cowgirl, grinding her cunt onto his prick with gluttonous zeal. Wanting to sample all her holes, Eric puts her in anal spoon, diligently drilling his titanic tool into her bunghole while she fingers her clit, moaning in whorish jubilation. After she savors sucking her ass juice from his dork, he puts her into anal doggie to resume his anal probing with fiery fervor and her moans of ecstasy soon culminate in an explosive orgasm, which is soon followed by his own as he jerks off to unleash a geyser of goo all over her face and tits, leaving her looking like a satiated, well-fucked glazed doughnut.

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Scarlett Raven June 16, 2017

Scarlet’s a tall BBW redhead with tiny tits, a big, beautiful fat ass, and a whole lot of cushion for the pushin’. She’s come to see Jay, our resident masseur, to release the pent up tension of her sore muscles. After a brief exam, he lays her naked, face down on his table as he oils her up and his magic fingers sensually knead her tender flesh, inducing groans of sybaritic release. Working down to her ass, he adds his patented anal licking and pussy fingering technique, which elicits elated moans as she soon erupts in a surprisingly intense orgasm. Once on her back, he massages, licks, and sucks her sensitive nipples before working down to her fleshy abdomen and her bald cave of carnal cravings, fingering and licking her responsive clit to bring her to an extreme, fiery orgasm. Doing his due diligence, Jay uses a vibrating dildo to get at those hard to reach places, to insure the release of her deep-seated tensions, deftly teasing her love button before sliding it into her hungry hole as he tongues and fingers her clit, eliciting rhapsodic moans that culminate in a volcanic orgasm. With her in doggie to stretch her back and butt muscles, he deeply strokes and kneads them, then tongues and fingers her harlot’s hole for a deeper release before bringing out the nuclear-option, monster vibrator, which soon has her erupting in a howling, banshee-like orgasm. Wanting to milk her dry, Jay fiercely finger fucks her to yet another all-consuming orgasm, leaving her satiated, loose, and limp: another satisfied customer.

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Miss Ladycakes, Danni Dawson June 14, 2017

Danni is de-virginizing Ladycakes, who’s doing her first ever girl/girl scene, and which is sure to be tons of fun, as these two heavy honeys explore their Sapphic desires. Danni first eagerly samples Ladycakes’s 44G tits, licking her pert nipples with sluttish glee, then fondles, kisses, and licks her ample charms to ignite the flames of her decadent desires. Ladycakes returns the favor, licking and fingering Danni’s bald cunt with gluttonous zeal. Then Danni’s fingers and licks Ladycakes’s pussy, raising her elated moans of whorish exultation to a fever pitch, until she explodes in a volcanic orgasm. Longing to reciprocate, Ladycakes exuberantly licks Danni’s hungry hole, then works a vibrating dildo into her, driving her to the hedonistic heights of euphoria. Danni then expertly uses the vibrator on Ladycakes in missionary and doggie. Licking her asshole with the vibrator in her cunt causes a tsunami of orgasmic rapture to rip through her. Wanting to return the gift of euphoric splendor with Danni in doggie, Ladycakes works the vibrator into her pussy as she licks her asshole, making her cum like a freight train. When Danni brings out the heavy-duty monster vibrator, Ladycakes grabs it use on Danni first, transforming her into a mountain of quivering flesh. Then it’s Ladycakes’s turn, as Danni wields this power tool of pleasure. Wanting to share, they push their cunts together with the vibrator between them as they hump each other, moaning, screaming, and cumming with inflamed passions, leaving them limp and satiated, with big smiles on their faces.

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Miss Ladycakes June 12, 2017

Ladycakes is a ton-of-fun corpulent cutie with dark red hair and lots of fabulous flesh, which Jay anxiously explores. When he unfurls his humongous horse cock, she devours it with ravenous, wolfish hunger, shoving every stony inch down her throat. Jay then deftly licks her bald harlot’s hole and asshole, eliciting blissful moans. Grabbing handfuls of flesh, he pounds his donkey dick into her cave of carnal cravings in missionary with fury, sending her into an intoxicated, dick-drunk, moaning revelry. After she sucks her slut juice from his dork, he slides it into her ass in missionary and she begs him to pound her harder, moaning in orgiastic ecstasy. Taking him for a ride in cowgirl, she humps his towering tool fiercely, firing into her as she races to her libidinous nirvana. Rolling her into doggie Jay pile drives his monster cock into her while she moans in sluttish exultation. Moving his cock to her ass, she comes undone, lost in unbridled lust, moaning, whimpering, screaming, and begging to be fucked as he drives her home. He continues his anal assault in spoon, frantically fingering her clit as her mountainous mounds of flesh undulate with every potent thrust while she begs for more, erupting into a torrent of volcanic orgasms. After she sucks her ass juice from his dork, he resumes his anal onslaught in missionary, slamming his titanic tool into her ass as she cums like a whore in heat. For her desert, he unleashes a geyser of goo into and all over her mouth.

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Nova Jade June 9, 2017

Nova’s a tall, tattooed, pierced, Amazonian, large bodied lass who towers over Jay, our resident masseur, whom she has come to see to work out some of the naughty knots in her sore muscles, acquired from doing too many strenuous fuck scenes. Ever the consummate professional, Jay has her strip and lie face down on his table, then, after a quick exam, he oils her up and he begins to deeply knead and stroke her sore fatty flesh, eliciting some deeply appreciative groans while he pays extra attention to her ass muscles and asshole. Flipping her over, he works down from her massive, mountainous mammaries, over her abdomen, to her bald, hungry harlot’s hole, using his patent-pending finger and tongue massage to release all her pent up tension. He then brings out a vibrating dildo to get at those deep, hard-to-reach spots, and, after she sucks it to lubricate it, he teases her pert nipples before tantalizing her love button and moving it deep into her cave of carnal desires to release her deep-seated tensions as she moans in orgiastic ecstasy. Breaking out the big gun, Jay uses his monster vibe to ensure not an ounce of tension will remain. Soon, her moans of ecstasy turn into wails and giggles of gluttonous, sluttish glee. Ever the dedicated health professional, after Jay puts her in doggie to stretch her butt and back muscles, he tongues her asshole while working the vibrator on her clit to bring her to an explosive, volcanic orgasm. He then leaves her to lay there and try to compose herself until she’s ready to leave.

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Velma Voodoo June 7, 2017

Velma is a tons-of-fun, tattooed, pierced, blond, super fat, wanton wench whose fulsome flesh has Jay the chubby chaser mesmerized, worshiping every inch of her ample proportions. When Jay unfurls his donkey dick, she shoves every stony inch down her throat, exuberantly sucking him with whorish relish, appearing to crave his cock like a prick-junkie, shifting into an altered, dick-drunk stupor. Jay fiercely drills his horse cock into her bald harlot’s hole in spoon, quickly bringing her to the first of many screaming, gut-wrenching orgasms as she thanks and begs him for it while convulsing and wailing in orgiastic jubilation. Jay has her ride his towering tool in cowgirl as he spanks her ass, and her big butt humps him with fiery, feral fervor, unleashing a torrent of wild, screaming, banshee-like orgasms. He continues to pulverize her pussy in doggie, pile driving his colossal cock into her with fury while spanking her ass as her orgasmic deluge continues to engulf her. They get into a sixty-nine for some mutual oral appreciation before he plows her hungry hole in missionary and her rolls of flesh undulate with every ferocious thrust, allowing her endless cavalcade of orgasmic splendor to continue unabated. When she begs him to cum on her face, Jay is happy to oblige, dumping a load of cum all over tongue, mouth, and tits, much to her gluttonous delight.

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