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Peaches May 3, 2017

Peaches is a black corpulent cutie in need of being cock-super-sized, and she’s come to use Eric’s humongous dong to satiate her lecherous cravings. Soon, she’s sensually sucking his hulking dick with sluttish relish. Hard as a rock, he slides his titanic tool into her bald garden of earthly pleasures in missionary, vigorously plowing her whorish furrow as she rubs her clit, moaning in orgiastic jubilation. Mounted on his towering fuck-pole in cowgirl with her big, beautiful, black ass bouncing on his horse cock with impassioned zeal, she canters to a lecherous nirvana. After sucking her slut sauce from his prick, she climbs back on in reverse cowgirl, slamming her hungry hole onto him with violent fury, moaning like a whore in heat. Eric then drives her home in doggie, drilling his dauntless dong into her with steady resolute thrusts as she moans with whorish appreciation. Rolling her over into spoon, he powers his potent pud into her with fierce determination, bringing her to the heights of orgasmic splendor before pulling out to shower his jism into her mouth and all over her tits.

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Lacy Bangs May 1, 2017

Lacy’s a black haired, jovial, corpulent cutie with mountainous mammaries doing a solo masturbation scene. After a brief get to know her intro, she undresses to reveal her fabulous fleshy folds before fingering her bald pussy, stirring the cauldron of her decadent desires, which she continues in doggie while moaning lasciviously. Wanting more, she grabs a vibrating dildo to demonstrate her cock sucking expertise before turning it on to stimulate her pert nipples, then moving down to fervently fuck her hungry hole, bringing herself to the first of many gut-wrenching, all-consuming orgasms. Moving on, she grabs the heavy duty industrial vibrator, starting on her nipples before moving down to her gluttonous harlot’s hole, where she becomes enthralled with the vibrator’s electrifying vibes as she holds it against her clit, unleashing a deluge of never-ending, screaming, exorcism-worthy orgasms one after the other, and that’s with the vibrator on low. So when she turns it on high, she almost instantly explodes, like throwing gasoline on a fire, and she erupts in a shocked, other worldly, earth shaking orgasm that probably registered on a Richter scale.

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Randi Paige April 28, 2017

Randi is a brown haired, big titted, tall, chubby wench doing her first on camera sex scene with Jay. While doing a brief get to know her Q&A, she eyes him with lecherous longing as if she can’t wait to get at his cock. Once Jay’s horse cock is unfurled, she sucks it with epicurean relish, savoring it as if it were the essence of life itself. Kneeling at her feet, he licks her bald pussy and asshole as she stands towering over him, and then she resumes sucking his potent prick. She truly gets off forcing every stony inch down her throat, balls deep. Inaugurating her in missionary, he slams his titanic tool into her garden of lascivious longing with savage fury as her moans of orgiastic ecstasy serenade us. Mounted on his towering tool in reverse cowgirl, she slams her cunt onto him with violent fury before falling into spoon as he fiercely drills his donkey dick into her while fingering her clit, unleashing a torrent of screaming, gut-wrenching orgasms. In doggie, she throws herself back onto him like a bitch in heat, using his cock for her pleasure as she cums like a wailing banshee. Taking him for a wanton ride in cowgirl, she canters on his monumental fuck-pole as he slaps her ass, spurring her on her journey to a debauched nirvana. Back in missionary, Jay savagely plows her harlot’s hole as she frantically fingers her clit, triggering a volcanic, orgasmic release before he pulls out, showering cum into her mouth and all over her face and tits.

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Lorelai Givemore April 26, 2017

Lorelai is a raven haired, round ‘n’ raunchy fat girl who has come to see Jay to quench her libidinous desires. Stripping quickly, Jay gives her his donkey dick, which she devours, sucking it with ravenous, wolfish hunger as she plays with her clit, getting off as she tries to force every gargantuan inch down her throat. Throwing her into missionary, he barbarically slams his horse cock into her with savage fury as she screams in sluttish jubilation. After sucking her slut juice from his dauntless dong, she mounts him in cowgirl for a wild ride as he spanks her ass, triggering a volcanic orgasm. Jay continues pulverizing her pussy in doggie, slamming his titanic tool into her with ferocious, fiery, feral fervor as she screams in lascivious exultation, cumming like a bitch in heat as he spanks her ass. In spoon, he diligently drills his elephantine dong into her hungry harlot’s hole, serenaded by her hedonistic moans. Back in missionary, Jay pile drives his monster cock into her cock socket with vehement ardor until he pulls out, unleashing a geyser of goo all over her mouth, tongue, and tits, leaving her looking like a well fucked glazed doughnut.

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Danni Dawson April 24, 2017

Danni’s a tall, ton of fun, large bodied, brown haired lass who has come to Jay for a massage like only he can give, to unkink her sore muscles. After stripping her naked, he examines every fleshy fold and then has her lie down on his table so he can begin deep kneading the kinks out of her muscles. Oiling her up, he pays special attention to her big, beautiful fat ass, which she enjoys profusely. Flipping her on her back, he firmly massages her breasts while giving her pert nipples a thorough tongue massage before working his way down to her shaved snatch, firmly pulling it apart as he tongues her sensitive clit. He breaks out a vibrating dildo to release that deep seated tension, gently teasing her clit before inserting it into her harlot’s hole while he fingers and licks her clit as she moans in whorish jubilation. Putting her in doggie to stretch her back and ass, he massages and kneads her muscles while licking her clit before applying his heavy duty monster vibe to her clit as he tongues her asshole, driving her to the heights of sybaritic reverie until she explodes in a volcanic, all-consuming orgasm, releasing all tension and leaving her limp and satiated.

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Lacy Bangs April 21, 2017

Lacy is a black haired, tattooed, heavy honey with monumental mammaries who has come to see Jay for some good lovin’. Kneeling at her feet, Jay kisses, fondles, and licks her pussy and asshole as she bends over. With her passion set ablaze, she sucks his gargantuan schlong with sluttish gluttony. Jay returns the favor by licking her fleshy pussy as if it were some epicurean delight as she moans approvingly. He puts his monster cock to good use, hungrily pounding her harlot’s hole in missionary, making her moan and scream like a whore in heat as her fleshy folds undulate with every thrust. Mounting his towering fuck-pole in cowgirl, she violently humps his cock with fiery fervor while they take turns fingering her ass. Jay alternates between fucking her titanic tits and mouth before ferociously slamming his prodigious prick into her hungry hole in doggie as she throws her big fat ass back onto him like a bitch in heat. Jay continues pulverizing her pussy in spoon, drilling his steely shaft into her with impassioned zeal before switching to an anal assault on her backdoor as he barbarically pile drives his horse cock up her ass, and she screams in hedonistic rapture. After letting her suck her ass juice from his donkey dick with her upside down, shoulders on the floor, ass on the couch, he rams his titanic tool deep into her ass and, with her tits falling down around her cheeks, she screams in libidinous jubilation until he pulls out, showering her pussy and ass with a quart of cum.

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Lorelai Givemore April 19, 2017

Lorelai is a super fat, black haired, corpulent cutie with pierced nipples. She’s come to see Jay, our resident masseur, for deep tissue manipulation to work out all of her kinks. The consummate professional, Jay doesn’t waste any time getting her naked on his table, where he begins to prod and probe her fat flesh, working deep to relieve her tension. Oiling her up, he slides his hands all over her back and ass, deeply kneading her fatty flesh as she moans ecstatically. Flipping her on her back, he deeply kneads her breasts, Buddha belly, and fleshy pussy, adding a little tongue massage for good measure, which fans the flames of her desires. Looking to get at those hard to reach places, Jay breaks out a large vibrating dildo to work on her clit and into her hungry hole while licking her clit as she moans and screams in orgiastic exultation. Jay next brings out his monster vibe, gently massaging her clit as she explodes in a screaming, gut-wrenching orgasm. Being a full service masseur, he has her get into doggie to stretch her back and ass muscles as he deeply kneads her corpulent flesh, working his monster vibe on her clit from behind, inciting another all-consuming orgasm to rip through her, leaving her fully satiated and as limp as a wet noodle.

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Mirage April 17, 2017

Ms Mirage is a thick, sexy black girl with mountainous mammaries, cock sucking lips, and mesmerizing eyes who has come to see Jay the chubby chaser to satisfy her libidinous longings. Eager to oblige, he’s soon lapping at the labia of her shaved snatch to get her juices flowing. Sucking his donkey dick with aplomb, she relishes her epicurean delight as she forces every stony inch down her throat. Jay takes a moment to titty fuck her before she goes on a wild ride in cowgirl, as her big, beautiful fat ass humps his colossal cock with unbridled lust, galloping to some sybaritic nirvana, moaning in exultation. After sucking her slut juice from his dork, she resumes her barbarous ride in reverse cowgirl, slamming her hungry hole onto his titanic tool with savage fury, frenetically fingering her clit as his cock fires into her, detonating an explosive, orgasmic release. Jay continues pummeling her pussy in spoon, fingering her clit as he drills his horse cock into her, inducing moans and screams of lascivious glee. Ramming his colossal cock into her in doggie as he smacks her ass puts her into overdrive, as she throws her ass back onto him as screaming orgasms spews forth. Putting her in reverse cowgirl so that we see his POV, Mirage is rendered a moaning, screaming pile of orgasmic flesh. He pile drives his monster cock into her in missionary, triggering another volcanic orgasm until he pulls out, unleashing a geyser of goo into her mouth and all over her face and tits.

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Bella Bangz April 14, 2017

Bella’s a huge, black haired, tattooed, corpulent cutie who can’t wait to devour Eric’s stalwart shaft with ravenous, wolfish hunger, gagging as she gluttonously forces every stony inch down her gullet. She seems to relish his alternating between titty-fucking her fun bags and face-fucking her as he holds her head firmly in place. Inflamed, he hurriedly buries his bone in her bald harlot’s hole, viciously plowing her in missionary with savage fury as she moans in orgiastic delight until, over excited, he pulls out, showering a fountain of cum all over her tits. But, being a true professional, he puts it right back in, continuing to pummel her pussy with his meat hammer as she moans in ecstasy. On fire, he rolls her on her side, drilling his powerful putz into her in spoon with fiery fervor. After she sucks her cunt juice from his prick, he violently slams his beefy baton into her in doggie with barbarous, fanatical fervor, triggering a torrent of gut-wrenching orgasms. Consumed by her passions, she mounts him in cowgirl, humping his cock with fierce, fiery, feral zeal, racing to some hedonistic haven and cumming like a freight train. Returning to doggie, he fiercely drives her home, spanking her ass before flipping her into missionary to brutally slam his steely shaft into her before rolling her into spoon and ferociously drilling his dork into her hungry hole, resulting in the eruption of earth shattering orgasms that engulf her until he pulls out, dumping a second load of cum all over her face.

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Kailie Raynes April 12, 2017

Kailie’s a brown haired, tattooed, horny BBW who has come to pay Jay, the chubby chaser, a visit, and soon he’s kneeling at her feet, kissing and worshiping her big, beautiful fat ass. Once he strips to unfurl his horse cock, Kailie sits down to savor sucking his stout shaft while fingering her clit. Putting his wood to good use, she mounts his monumental fuck-pole in cowgirl, her big fat ass humping his dauntless dong with fiery fervor as he spanks her, precipitating the eruption of a gut-wrenching orgasm. Jay licks her dripping shaved snatch before sliding his beef hammer into her, vehemently pounding her juice box as she moans in orgiastic delight. Putting her in doggie, he drives her home, slamming his titanic tool into her with ferocious savage thrusts as she screams in ecstasy. Feeling adventurous, she impales her asshole on his colossal cock in reverse cowgirl, but soon Jay puts her in anal spoon to sensually work his titanic tool into her ass with perverse glee. Having had his fill of backdoor plunder, he goes back to plowing her garden of lecherous longings, in missionary, with savage fury as she explodes in hedonistic jubilation. Having done his duty, he spray paints her tits with a coat of his creamy goo.

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