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Paige Jenson October 31, 2016

Paige is a raven haired, corpulent cutie, eager to give it her all, but a bit shy since it is her first time. Our sensitive lensman helps put her at ease by chatting about our favorite subject: her sexual desires. This really gets her to open up, in more ways than one. After doing a little posing and striptease for the camera, our wise Yoda sex-master cameraman has her masturbate for us, which vanquishes her first time jitters as her cunt juices begins to flow. Since her co-star is late, she shows off her cock sucking prowess on a dildo vibrator, before turning it on to plunge into her fleshy pussy and bring herself to an impressive orgasm as our Jedi lens master captures every glorious angle of the journey to her sexual summit. After her sizable climax, our wise Yoda has her break out the extra strength, heavy duty vibrator to work herself over with. Beginning on her sensitive pierced nipples on low speed, then moving down to her dripping cock palace, she suddenly flips the switch to high power, which quickly turbo boosts her to another monumental orgasm. She doesn’t stop there, as this glutinous slut keeps on cumming again and again while we enjoy the sexual serenade blending the sounds of a vibrator on the verge of burn out, her moans of ecstasy, and the sweet sloshing sounds of her gushing, wet pussy. At last, she has one final Big O, erupting with her first squirt, much to her surprise. We think she likey! We’ll definitely be looking forward to seeing more of this innocent looking, horny, large-bodied lass.

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Mia Riley October 28, 2016

Mia is a tattooed, pierced, black haired tons-of-fun kind of girl. Not wanting to waste time on much foreplay, she pushes our pervert back and gobbles down his cock for some nice, sloppy BJ, deep throat, and throat fucking. Then the dude pushes Mia her onto her own back so he can alternate between fucking her massive mammaries and glutinous, slut mouth. Being the perv that he is, he moves around to continue fucking her mouth and tits from the other side so she can lick his balls and asshole. Now whipped into a sexual frenzy, he slides in for some hard missionary fucking while our heavy honey moans and groans loudly in appreciation. Sexually possessed, she jumps on his cock for some hard pounding in cowgirl, showcasing her big, nasty ass. After her hard-cumming ride, Mia slides off for another sloppy BJ and savors sucking her tasty whore-juice off of his cock before moving into doggie so he can pound her like the bitch-in-heat that she is, and her fat folds of flesh wave back and forth like it’s parade day. Still wanting more, he flips her into missionary again, where he pounds her like a jack hammer, and she moans loudly in approval until he pulls out to cum all over her tits.

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Lady Lynn October 26, 2016

Red haired Lady Lynn has heard stories about our favorite chubby chaser, Jay, which inspired her to experience his talents for herself. After giving her some nice sensual foreplay, he realizes she is wet from the get go. He puts his finger inside her and then lets her give him an inspired, loud, sloppy blowjob with deep throat until he lays her back on the couch to probe her man trap by finger fucking her. Then Jay slides his rod into her hungry twat, bringing this loud, insatiable, sex-crazed chubby delight to orgasm after orgasm. Pulling out, he straddles her so she can greedily suck her juices off of his cock while he alternates between fucking her mouth and tits. He then slides into spoon to further feed the glutinous libido of this non-stop fuck-machine. Needing a break, he lets her climb on for some cowgirl, which is rodeo-worthy, and she rides him like a woman possessed, with her big fat ass gloriously filling the camera frame. Getting his second wind, he pushes her off to fuck this big bitch in doggie as she moans and groans in ecstasy, begging for more. He finally works up a nice load while pounding her in missionary and then splooges all over her face, much to her great delight.

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Buxom Bella October 24, 2016

Blond BBW Bella’s hard fucking lifestyle is taking its toll, so she hires a masseur to give her a sensual massage and work out all her kinks. While receiving her long, sensual rubdown, bubbly Bella encourages and verbally teases the guy, inspiring him to pay extra attention to massaging and spreading her ass, then working her boobs before moving down to her thighs so he can mouth-massage her hungry cunt. Realizing her insatiable nature, he breaks out his industrial-strength vibrator, leaving her speechless and capable only of moaning, until she has a screaming orgasm. A dedicated pro, he then whips out a vibrating dildo to use while he tongues her to yet another orgasm and afterwards flips her to doggie so he can work her from behind. Once she’s fully primed, he pushes her down flat to on her stomach so she can clutch the massage table in ecstasy as he gets this multi-orgasmic strumpet off yet again. Impressed by his dedication to detail, Bella seals the deal by signing up as a regular customer for his unique deep-tissue massage therapy.

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Kailie Raynes October 21, 2016

We begin with a fun get-to-know talk with what looks like a sweet innocent first timer, but once Kalilie’s blue summer dress is removed, her tattoos, pierced nipples & hairy bush expose her to really be a devil in a blue dress. She begins sensually sucking a guy’s cock, as if it were the most delicious thing she had ever tasted, getting him so worked up that he has to titty fuck her before sliding into her moist quim for some spirited missionary that makes her squeal in delight. Pulling out to catch his breath, he allows her to savor sucking her sweet pussy juice off of his massive man meat. He straddles her to fuck her cock hungry gluttonous mouth before having her climb onto his turgid member for a wild rodeo-worthy cowgirl ride that showcases her big fat ass. Deja vu, he again pulls out so she can luxuriate in licking & sucking the tasty tang of her slut juice off of his pleasure pole before they transition into a riotously loud jack hammer pounding reverse cowgirl that bestows upon her an intense screaming orgasm. Unwilling to let her go, he flips her into doggie so we can once again appreciate her big bulbous ass while he alternates between fucking and getting sucked, and he flops into a hard fast spoon to bless her with another screaming whoregasm before finally pulling out to cum all over her big beautiful pierced udders.

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Tiffany Star October 19, 2016

We begin with a get-to-know plumper Tiffany interview, who has recently relocated from Florida, while she poses seductively for the camera, spreading her pussy lips wide to reveal her tight tunnel of love. After showing off her tattoos, piercings & wicked smile, she fingers her hungry snatch while seated on the couch, then flips over to doggie to showcase her big & surprisingly tight ass and continuing to stroke her pleasure palace. Fully aroused and wanting more, she grabs a dildo to suck on as if it were the cock she wishes it was, then shoves it up her ass where it belongs, while she uses her fingers & heavy duty vibrator to bring her to a sweet release, which is followed by a post cum wrap up, sharing more of her personal pleasure principles.

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Paige Jenson October 17, 2016

In a brief get-to-know-her conversation, we learn that our chubby Paige is looking forward to her first on-camera sex scene. Tired of the talking, an older dominating guy stands up to whip out his huge hard cock, and, being the hungry slut that she is, Paige eagerly slides off the couch to her knees to suck it the moment she lays eyes on it. She totally devours his cock, until he rewards her with some pussy licking of her gash while spreading it wide, in preparation for his sliding in his massive member to fuck her while she lies on her back, moaning and screaming so loud with delight that you may need to turn down the volume. His dominant talk obviously excites this fat fuck slut, as he commands her to finger her clit while he fucks her. When he pulls out, she seems to relish the taste of licking and sucking her own juices off of his cock. Properly motivated, he pushes her into doggie position to eat her ass, then slides his huge cock into her for some hard pounding doggie action that makes her squeal as she throws herself back against his raging ramrod, and her fleshy mounds bounce and roll like waves on a water bed set in motion by his pummeling her like a jack hammer. Like a cock crazed bitch in heat, she jumps on top for some hard riding cowgirl to burn off a few calories, then spins around for reverse cowgirl, so that you can see every fold and roll of flesh, along with the lustful desire on her face of an insatiable slut savoring every thrust. Getting his second wind, he lays her on her side as he slides in behind her for some couch spoon while she fingers her hungry cunt. Working up to release, he moves to an energetic missionary, pounding her hungry twat like a jack hammer as she begs for him to cum all over her face, which he does, leaving her looking like a glazed donut as she licks and sucks every last drop of cum from his cock.

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Tiffany Star October 7, 2016

Greybeard Jay is a notorious chubby chaser, and sexy, plump Tiffany is in the studio today to see if everything she’s heard about him is true. I don’t think either one of them is going to be disappointed! Jay sucks on the fat cutie’s tits and stuffs his face into her generous ass for starters, and then he spreads her legs so he can plunge right in and lick her fleshy pussy with abandon. Tiffany wants some dick, though, so the goateed stud drops his drawers and jams his thick tool between the chubby tart’s parted lips for a spine-shivering blowjob. Then Tiffany lays back, and Jay crams his hard knob deep into her sloppy twat in missionary position and proceeds to pump his cock in and out of her fuck-hole with pure joy. The tubby slut next turns on her side and continues to get a royal cunt-reaming in spoon position before bending over and having her creamy quim probed with rapid strokes doggie style. Tiffany then rides the priapic dude like a cowgirl and after that returns to spoon as Jay keeps plowing her wet slot and getting close to orgasm. Finally, he can wait no longer and jacks his load onto the boisterous BBW’s ruby red lips. The cum drips on Tiffany’s boobs as she thanks Jay for a wonderful fuck.

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Gia Star October 5, 2016

Chubby cutie Gia is disappointed that there will be no cock for her today, but a little self-pleasure ain’t so bad, right? The tubby slut starts out by rubbing her yearning cunt and sensitive clit with her fingers and getting her horny juices flowing, but it’s going to take more, so she pulls out a dildo. Gia moistens the plastic dick with her mouth and then slides it into her creamy quim, pumping it in and out with rapidity. This doesn’t quite do it, either, so our old friend the massage now makes its inevitable appearance. The adorable fatty applies its tantalizing waves to her nipples at first and then presses the dutiful device to her wet crotch and uses the sex toy to thoroughly stimulate her fleshy genitals. Before long, Gia finds herself having a powerful, intense orgasm, and she smiles the smile of absolute contentment as the curtain comes down on the afternoon’s entertainment.

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Sapphire Rose October 3, 2016

Skinny Chad likes women who are his physical opposite, and big, beautiful Sapphire fits the bill! The busty plumper wastes no time as she leans over the seated Chad and starts sucking on his thick cock with relish. Chad plays with Sapphires large tits and then places her on her knees as she continues to blow his hard wang. Then the massive honey lays back on the sofa, and our thin hero crams his hard-as-concrete cock into Sapphire’s moist pussy and pumps it hard in missionary position. Next, Chad sits back down and pulls the sizeable slut on top of his swollen staff and makes her ride him like a cowgirl as his dick slides in and out of her wet twat and her amazing ass fills the screen. Then Sapphire gets all fours for some doggie banging and continues to get a thorough cunt-reaming as the studly string bean pushes his rigid ramrod ever deeper in her sloppy slot. Finally, Chad can wait no longer and jacks his sperm into the bawdy BBW’s waiting face. “I got all of it,” she proudly exclaims, and everyone goes home happy.

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