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Kailie Raynes November 25, 2016

Kailie is a dark-haired, large lovely lass who is looking to lose her anal virginity, which her guy is only too happy to help with. Kneading her fleshy mounds like a baker kneading dough gets his penis loaf to rise, which she then gluttonously slurps down her throat, savoring every morsel of his meat stick. With it now properly lubed, he slides his man meat into her cock oven in missionary, turning up the heat in her furry furnace. Needing to still fulfill her oral fixation, she sucks her cunt juice off of his dick before hopping onto his dingus for an ardent ride in cowgirl, with her big, beautiful, white ass energetically bouncing on it with reckless abandon. Ready to give her what she came for, he lays her down in spoon, slamming his stalwart battering ram into her backdoor, unleashing his anal assault, which is exactly what she has been craving, as her satisfied moans attest. He continues his anal mining, drilling her deeper and harder in doggie, making her squeal with delight as the pierced nipples of her large pendulous breasts sway back and forth with every thrust. She begs him to cum all over her, which he is only too happy to do, jerking off a mighty load all over her large fleshy mounds.

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Buxom Bella November 23, 2016

Bella is a youthful, chubby beauty with red hair and a distinctive blond streak. Poor Jay has been ordered to watch over her and make her do everything on her parents’ to-do list, which this petulant honey has no intention of doing. Running Jay through the ringer, she threatens to tell her parents that he molested her unless he does all the chores on the list himself. Noticing that her naughty nature has worn down his resistance while inflating his rigid rod, she whips it out and proceeds to suck his joystick with the skill of a consummate cock sucker, melting away any resistance to her feminine charms that he had left. Bella’s dominant nature quickly turns Jay into her willing slave to not only do all of the chores that she was supposed to have done, but to cater to all of her libidinous desires. After making him lick her fleshy pussy and asshole, during which he’s shocked to discover that this queen-sized slut has had a jeweled butt plug shove up her bunghole the entire time, he orders him to fuck her hungry vagina in missionary with such intensity that each thrust makes her fleshy folds jiggle in unison. Jay continues pounding her pussy in spoon, making her scream in elated approval. Taking control, she climbs onto Jay’s meat missile for a rambunctious ride in cowgirl, with her big, fat ass bouncing on his prick with unbridled lust. Wanting Jay to fixate on her big beautiful ass, she spins around for a reverse cowgirl while we are mesmerized by her large, pendulous breasts swaying to and fro with every thrust. Wanting to make him cum, she gets into doggie, ordering him to keep slamming his cock into her cunt until he orgasms. Like a man with a mission, Jay pulverizes her flesh pocket with his meaty power tool as she screams with fulfillment. Unable to hold back any longer, he sprays his joy juice all over her big, fat ass.

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Blond Dream November 21, 2016

Blond Dream a tattooed, bountiful, horny BBW who is obviously a natural blonde. She has come to our resident, dedicated masseur to work out some deep kinks. A consummate professional, Jay wastes no time getting her naked and lying face down on his massage table, oiling her up and kneading her fleshy mounds with long deep strokes, savoring every stoke, which she obviously enjoys more than he, but not as much as when he massages her pussy and asshole with his talented tongue, which makes her moan in ecstasy. Being a full service masseur, he flips her over, stroking her smallish breasts before diving between her legs to lap up her labia juice. Realizing she needs some deep tissue work to get out all of her kinks, Jay brings out the vibrating dildo to get at those hard to reach places, which really gets her ready for the heavy duty vibrator that he brings out next. He starts with her sensitive nipples before working his way down to her nether regions, where this high powered buzz toy creates a volcanic eruption that releases a first wave of her deep-seated tension. Looking to get the last remnants, he places her in doggie so he can do some deep stroking of her back and ass before utilizing an industrial-strength vibrator that rocks her to her core, making her cum like freight train.

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Peaches November 18, 2016

Peaches, a pretty, young, black corpulent cutie, seeks out the advice of Jay, our resident sexual Jedi master, to teach her how to give her boyfriend something that she never has before: her virginal backdoor. Jay whips out his rigid pleasure saber, having her demonstrate her oral skills and deep throating expertise while she fingers her pussy, which puts them both in the mood for more. Warmed up and hungry for plump poontang, he has her mount him in cowgirl, riding his steely shaft while he fingers her virgin asshole, her big, black, fat ass bouncing on his prodigious pecker for a raucous ride on her journey to anal nirvana. Being a conscientious, caring anal task masker, Jay puts her in doggie while he licks, fingers, and lubes her asshole so as to insure that it is open, willing, and able to take his daring dork. Apparently, the force is with our anal master, as she responds quite favorably to his anal probing. Loving every inch of it, she begs for more while screaming with delight at every thrust of Jay’s mighty johnson as it pierces her bunghole. Apparently, Professor Jay’s school of anal debauchery has a complete, full service curriculum, as evidenced by his taking his cock from her ass to her mouth so she can suck her ass juice from it, which she does with aplomb. Then he lays her down in spoon and alternates between fucking her pussy and ass, making sure that all holes are used to their fullest, and that this chubby chick is given multiple screaming orgasms, insuring an experience she’ll want to revisit. Ready for his own well deserved release, Jay rolls her over onto her back to fuck her ass in missionary, pounding her hole with fervor as her tummy jiggles in response. He pulls out and sprays his white goo all over her asshole and pussy.

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Sara Star November 16, 2016

Sara is a pink-haired, tattooed, pretty plumper with monumental J cup boobs that our resident chubby chaser Jay thinks are his personal manifest destiny, so he buries his face in her cleavage. Apparently, these gargantuan fun bags have weighed-in at an impressive eight lbs. each. Jay looks like he’s heaven when he spins her around to lick her pussy and ass from behind, burying his face in her ample buttocks. Looking to satisfy her own oral cravings, Sara devours Jay’s giant kielbasa as if it was the only meal that she’s had in weeks. Obviously into this corpulent cutie, Jay has her get into a 69 so that he can lick her juice box while she sucks his dork. When she sits on his massive manhood in reverse cowgirl, our happy horn-dog squeals like a little kid unwrapping his favorite toy at Christmas. This hefty harlot can’t get enough, screaming in delight, as Jay’s prodigious pecker continues plowing her in spoon, then missionary, but not before taking a break to alternate between fucking her mouth and J size big bosoms. It becomes obvious that this honey’s libido is as oversized as her physique when she becomes unglued by the forceful thrusting of Jay’s steely shaft, screaming her appreciation. Realizing he’s neglected her bountiful ass, he puts her in doggie to lick her from behind before drilling her deep while he grabs two handfuls of ass cheek to hold onto as she moans with delight. When she jumps on for some cowgirl, we see why Jay was so enthralled with her big fat ass, which now fills the frame. When he’s unable to contain himself any longer, Jay jacks off all over her giant J bags, covering them with his juice, which fills him with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

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Daphne Daniels November 11, 2016

Daphne is a pretty, big, beautiful, chubby black vixen with long straight, jet-black hair. Anxious to dive into her plentiful flesh, Jay fires up her engine by licking her gargantuan big fat clit while fingering her shaved pussy and tight puckered asshole, which obviously works, as she can’t wait to slob his knob, forcing it down her throat until she gags on the massive manhood, but determined to force every inch of it into her gluttonous throat. Making a perverse Oreo cookie, Jay pushes her two big black boobs together for a gorgeous titty-fucking as his glistening white cock plows the furrow between them. Daphne is a true cock-sucking, slut whore, as the pleasure she gets from sucking cock, and forcing it down her throat, is written all over her face. She reels in ecstasy when they shift to a 69 with Jay licking her cock receptacle and her sucking his giant kielbasa. Going to the dark side of the moon, he bends her over into doggie to drill her cock cavern, while her big, round, fat black ass jiggles with every thrust, and she whimpers with the deep gut wrenching fulfillment of a cock-junkie who is getting the fix that she so desperately needs. Looking as if she’s in a dazed state of revery, she savors sucking her cunt juice off his cock before climbing onto it for some deep penetrating cowgirl. Her sexual whimpers and cries of sheer delight reveal the intensity of her sexual explosions, erupting one after the other, from the very core of her being. In this heightened state, drunk with intoxicating sexual arousal, Jay’s slapping her ass while also fingering her tight bung hole, as that big black ass bounces on his fun-pole, sends her into the stratosphere of screaming, gut wrenching orgasms. Inspired by her sexual voracity and wanting to push the envelope even further, Jay slides his monster cock into her tight, puckered asshole in doggie, and she whimpers and cries with the joy of a cock-addict fulfilled, as the greedy bitch keeps begging for more. Shifting to a wide open spoon, so she can rub her monster clit while he drills her ass for her black gold, Jay makes her gush with some of the most intense sexual eruptions that I have ever witnessed. She truly is a woman addicted to dick, and needs to have every hole penetrated long and hard on a regular basis. After exhibiting herculean restraint thus far, Jay finally blows his huge, creamy load into her hungry whore-mouth. Using the bright green bead on her tongue piercing as a target, he fills her to the brim with his sticky goo, much to her satisfaction.

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Becki Butterfly November 9, 2016

Becki is a big, bouncy, bubbly, bountiful, smiling, happy harlot, who is as eager to work with Eric again as he is with her. While she enjoys him burying his head into her abundant bosoms, she soon pushes him off so she can chow down on his savory, giant salami, gagging as she tries to force every potent inch all the way down her cock-craving throat. Taking advantage of her ginormous fun bags, he decides they look too good not to titty-fuck, so he does so with gusto, before going down under to munch on her shaved snatch, which makes her cum like a freight train as her fleshy folds quiver with delight. Eric slides his meat-stick into her carnal rotisserie to cook up several more screaming orgasms as her bountiful tits and abdomen giggle with every thrust in missionary, continuing her stream of screaming orgasms. But this greedy bitch keeps begging for more, so Eric decides to give her one of the nastiest, slurpiest, gagging throat-fuckings that one has ever heard. What happens next is a big, fat ass-lovers dream come true, as she climbs onto his fuck-pole in cowgirl, blessing us with some glorious full frame, fabulous ass shots that are astounding. After jumping off to suck her pussy juice from his cock, she bends over in doggie so he can drive her home, pounding her cunt for all he’s worth. He continues pounding her in spoon until he can’t hold back any longer, blowing his wad to give her a truly massive facial, with his immense volume of his creamy custard dripping down to cover her tits as well.

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Sapphire Rose November 7, 2016

Our resident masseur, Jay, works over Sapphire’s corpulent fleshy mounds in order to work out some of the kinks left over from her week-end gang bang, but being the slut that she is, his stroking of her massive mammaries and kneading of the the doughy flesh of her wide open thighs, revealing her shaved, well-used poontang, only serve to excite her more. Of course, Jay’s compulsive need to lick her lascivious labia definitely leaves her wanting an even deeper release, so he whips out a vibrating dildo to really turn-on her cock socket, getting at those hard to reach places. Leaving no fold of flesh unexplored, Jay flips her over to massage her backside, pulling her ass cheeks far apart as his hands slide over them to expose the treasure hidden within the ample curves of her ass. Then applying his patented low back muscle release technique, he puts her into doggie to stretch her back muscles, while using his fingers, vibrator, and tongue to work on her cunt and asshole, which make this bitch scream with the orgasmic release that she so desperately craves, leaving her as yet another satisfied customer of Jay’s magic hands.

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Lorelai Givemore November 4, 2016

Lorelai is a supersized, heavy honey with long raven hair that wastes no time going down to slobber all over Eric’s baloney pony as she looks into the camera with deep dark, cock-crazed eyes, totally getting off having her mouth stuffed with his stalwart schlong and playing with herself. Fickle as he is, Eric can’t decide whether he enjoys fucking her mouth or tits, with their pierced nipples, more, but once mister stabby pants uses his meat saber to pierce her shaved, fleshy flaps from below, much to her delight, she begins to unleash a long series of intense orgasms that never stop. Being the greedy bitch that she is, she climbs onto Eric to impale herself on his one-eyed trouser snake for the deepest penetration possible to plumb the depths of her generous cum-bucket in cowgirl, cumming incessantly like a slutty wanton wench should. Ready to give her what she has been begging for, Eric puts her in doggie to pile drive her cunt from behind, sending ripples through her copious folds of flesh as they undulate with every ferocious thrust. Knowing that a slut like this needs all holes filled, he slides his prodigious pecker up her back alley for some serious anal plundering, which he continues in spoon, giving us a wide open view of his anal assault as she fingers her clit to get herself off again and again. At last, he blows his slut sauce into her mouth and all over her chest, leaving her looking like a freshly fucked glazed donut.

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Alanna Lust November 2, 2016

Alana is a big, black, round ‘n’ raunchy fat babe, dressed in only a crotchless black knit body suit, who has answered our ad for a big breasted model. Mesmerized by her fleshy mounds, our talent scout kneels at her feet, fondling her large, pendulous breasts and kissing her big, fat black ass. But, being a giver, this chubby ebony Goddess is soon sucking his meat sausage with gusto, creating a delightful dilemma for our poor guy, who can’t decide if he wants to fuck her giant fun bags more than her cock craving mouth. This scene has genuine heat, as they are both obviously really into each other. Smokin! Like a sex addict jones for a fix, she climbs onto his prodigious prick, riding him in cowgirl with the authority of a woman, focused on using his cock for her pleasure, as the image of her big, beautiful black ass bouncing on his steely shaft fills the screen. Ready for some time in the driver’s seat, our guy gives her a hard ride in doggie as she thrusts back to meet his every stroke like a greedy, cock addicted slut, warning him not to stop and to fuck her cunt hard. Happy to oblige, he lays her on her side and drills her depths, pile driving his ramrod deep into her canyon of carnal desire. After alternating between giving her the deep plowing she so desperately desires, in spoon and doggie, and fucking her mouth and tits as she lays on her back, he slides into missionary, clutching her air bags for safety as he drills her bald vajayjay deep, hoping to strike a gusher of her black, gold love nectar. He can’t hold back any longer now and unleashes a gusher of his own all over her face and into her gaping mouth, which she consumes with a gluttonous delight, making sure to lick and suck every last drop from his whore hose. Naturally, she passes the audition with flying colors. A star is born!

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